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Fic: Moving Closer; NC-17

Title: Moving Closer
Author: nouveau_monday
Pairing: Noah/Luke
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2.4k
Summary: This is a remix of ithilien22's amazing Farm Boy
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Nothing is better than barn!sex.
Notes: This was perhaps the scariest thing I've ever written because I had to work around the incredible framework of Ithilien's story and the outrageously beautiful poetry of language she always manages to use. I hope this honors her words appropriately. Also, this part had no beta. All mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Noah can't help it. He loves to watch. The way Luke moves his shoulders, the way he arches his back as he lifts something, but especially the way he bends over. Luke's jeans showcase his ass, and the fact that he rarely wears underwear, perfectly. Noah feels the first hints of his erection as he leans against one of the barn posts and admires the sun-touched skin of the small of Luke's back. His boyfriend doesn't even know he's here. Noah touches his hand to the small container in his pocket and enjoys his recently discovered voyeuristic tendencies.

He's interrupted from his dirty thoughts by Luke's beaming enthusiasm. "Noah! What are you doing here?"

"Just enjoying the view." Honesty is supposed to be the best policy.

Apparently Luke agrees. He moves to Noah, presses their lips together. A quick swipe of his tongue across Noah's lips. "You like watching me, Mayer?"

Noah almost growls at the teasing contact. He turns Luke around, crowds them against the wooden beam. His tongue demands entrance and he uses his boyfriend's gasp to taste the tart sweetness of grape soda that lingers from earlier that day. Noah purrs at the combined flavors of male and sugar that now flavors his most intimate dreams. He delves further, deeper into Luke's mouth while his hands tighten at the back of Luke's neck.

"Wow. What was that for?" Luke angles his head back to catch air.

Luke's breath scalds Noah's mouth and it's all Noah can do from just taking until neither of them have any breath left. "I told you." Noah grinds his hips for emphasis. He wants to whimper at the sensation of his dick against Luke's, even through two layers of denim and Noah's boxers. "I was enjoying the view." Imagining my dick in your ass, you screaming my name, me slamming into you. Some fantasies Noah isn't sure Luke is ready to hear.

Luke's laughter is slower, sexier than usual. "Got a thing for farm boys, huh?" He decorates Noah's jaw with butterfly soft kisses that never land hard enough or with enough friction.

Noah thinks that he should be able to understand what Luke says, but the truth is he's distracted by the brush of stomach against stomach. He grabs at Luke's shirt, tugs it over his head to expose muscles and skin that Noah's sure he could never get tired of. "Do you have any idea how hot you look?" Musky and sweaty, and so goddamned gorgeous. Noah feels saliva welling in his mouth, aches to be closer. He reaches behind his back to grab at the neck of his shirt and pull it off. His breath releases in a sigh as skin grazes skin. "All sweaty, bent over, doing ..." He laps above Luke's nipple, at his collarbone, his jaw. "...whatever it was you were doing just now."

Luke writhes under Noah's mouth, catches his fingers in Noah's hair. "Clearing room for the new hay from tomorrow's offload?" He laughs.

"Yeah, that." Noah slots his hips once again next to Luke's, grinds against him. Luke's prior question crystallizes under the mixed fragrance of hay and heat. "Don't know about farm boys, but I might have a thing for you." He nuzzles into Luke's neck, breathes in the intoxicating scent.


"Oh yeah?" Luke murmurs. He slides himself around Noah to get closer to him, bites not-quite-bruises along the beautiful dips and swells of his collarbone and neck. "Well, this farm boy might have a reoccurring fantasy about having sex with his boyfriend out in the barn." He smiles at Noah's groan, shivers at the possibility of his thoughts becoming reality. Luke adjusts his body to allow his boyfriend room to fight the buttons on Luke's jeans. "I think about it all the time." Luke bites at his bottom lip, succumbs to the heat in Noah's eyes and continues. He blushes, can't help it. "Want it rough, Baby. Want you to take me hard, up against a stall, over a saddle. Doesn't matter how exactly. I've imagined it every which way anatomically possible and some that might not even be." He bit Noah's earlobe, purred into his ear, whimpers at the touch Noah's hand on his cock. "You think you can do that to me? Own me, fill me, fuck me into next week. Think you could do that for me sometime?" He hesitated. "Would you even want to do that?"

Noah releases a feral growl and tightens his grip just shy of too much. "You have no idea the things I want to do to you, Luke Snyder, the things I came down to the barn hoping to do to you."

Luke's cock twitches. "Really?" He knows Noah has fantasies. Noah's body is too expressive to hide everything, but this? This is something different, something more. He tries to get air into his lungs but the oxygen seems to burn before it helps. "Tell me?"

"No." Noah bites at the tendons of Luke's neck. "Not gonna tell you." Luke can feel Noah drawing blood to the surface underneath his jaw, even while Noah's talented fingers continue to jack him steadily.

"You aren't?"


Noah shakes his head, stares at Luke. "Telling isn't half as fun as doing" He uses Luke's surprise to manhandle him further back into the stall Luke had cleaned earlier. His hands can't decide if they want to be on Luke's dick or getting them naked. His brain is clouded with images of golden legs wrapped around him, beautiful lips sucking swallowing him deep. He shoves at his own jeans, rips at his button fly. The scrape of denim and boxers scorches his body, echoes the need to slam himself deep inside his boyfriend. With that goal in mind, Noah focuses his body enough to divest Luke of his jeans as well. "Love that you go commando. Some days in class, I can't move, god, can't even talk because I'm thinking about the fact that you're somewhere on campus and you're. not. wearing. underwear." He punctuates each word with a swipe of his tongue across Luke's nipples, adds the sharp nip of his teeth. "Jesus. Do you know the things you do to me?"

"Apparently not," Luke stutters out.

"No. Apparently not." Noah removes his jeans, fishes out the travel size bottle warmed from his body heat. He steps over hay and into Luke's space. "Need you, Luke. Need you right the fuck now. All day, every minute of every hour, I'm stupid with it." He wipes his damp palms on his naked thighs and turns Luke around. Noah bites back a whimper as his dick rides the crack of Luke's ass, his nipples hard against the warmth of Luke's back. Noah licks between Luke's shoulder blades, up his neck, sucks a hickey into the soft skin behind his ear. "Stupid with wanting you. Stupid with my dick aching to be buried inside you. You don't even know, do you, how often I want to ignore everything else in the world that I should be doing in favor of fucking you into a mattress somewhere until neither of us can walk." Noah's words catch in his throat. He tongues Luke's earlobe into his mouth, bites at the soft flesh. "It's not a mattress, but you better hang on to something. Gonna fuck you right now."

"Fuck," Luke grinds his ass back toward Noah. "Don't have lube here. You can't say shit like that when you can't follow through." His hands clutch at the beam in front of him. His head leans back onto Noah's shoulder.

Noah smirks. "Didn't I just say I had been thinking about it all day? You think I wouldn't come down here prepared? In hopes that you'd be in a position to say yes?" He wraps Luke's arms, pins his wrists against the beam with one hand, shows him the small bottle with the other.

"And that's why you were the boyscout." Luke grinds again. "Please, Noah, less talking, more fucking me blind." His voice is a soft whined whisper and Noah wants to know if he can turn it into a scream.

"I can do that. Keep your arms up." Luke grabs for the tack hook almost out of his reach.

"Just like that. You look so beautiful." Noah kisses the nape of Luke's neck while he slicks his fingers. Two quick traces around sensitive skin to make Luke aware of his intent and then two fingers inside, no false understanding of what's about to happen.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck."

"Too much?" Noah pulls back slightly

"Not enough." Luke rocks himself on Noah's fingers. His knuckles are white on the thick metal hook in the wall.

Noah fists his dick, coats it in lube. His other hand remains busy, targeting Luke's prostrate relentlessly. He pulls out, pours on more lube, and this time makes Luke take three fingers. He spreads them wide, scissoring them as much as he can inside the tight heat of Luke's ass. He waits for Luke's words to shift from Noah, Noah, Noah to something less coherent. Nnngh and various whimpers will do.

Noah removes his fingers as slowly as he can. He admires the grip of Luke's ass, the way Luke fucks himself down on his hand. He positions his dick, barely slips in. His hands span his boyfriend's hips. Noah lets air scald his lungs once before he slams himself forward into the rhythm that Luke and he always seem to find.

He cups Luke's balls in one hand, rolls them gently. The other pins Luke's wrists against the wood. "Mine," he swears. "Mine, mine, mine." Possession, ownership. Noah knows Luke really only belongs to himself, but in this moment of hottightperfect, he thinks Luke understands.

"Yours. God, yours Noah. All yours." Luke's voice is fucked out, hoarse with unspoken words. "Noah, so close. Fuck. Going to come. Can I? Please?"

"Just a minute longer. Almost there." Noah widens Luke's stance to pound deeper inside him. "So beautiful around me. Jesus. You there? Oh shit, Luke, now." He hears the break in his voice, knows his movements are more erratic. His wrist shifts, palms the crown of Luke's dick, thumbs under the head with a little more strength.

Nnnngh. Luke's muscles squeeze at Noah's dick, even while he paints Noah's fist, the post, his own stomach with ropes of come. That's enough to push Noah over, spilling himself deep within his boyfriend, riding out his own aftershocks while he coaxes them from Luke. "Holy shit," are the worst clear words Luke manages.

"Agreed." Noah rubs at the small of Luke's back. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Luke groans. "Not at all. It was incredible. Just like I imagined it. Never thought I'd actually find myself with someone, here, even though I wanted it forever."

Noah's winded, bends at the waist to try and remember the basic in and out pattern of breathing. He listens to Luke's word without hearing them, with his face at that angle he can see where he was, inside his boyfriend, inside Luke. Holy Hell, he thinks. His come is leaking out of Luke. And maybe it should be gross or weird or something but fuck it isn't any of those things. It's hot and gorgeous and, god, Noah can't help but drop to his knees.

He nips at the swell of Luke's ass, leaves a small bruise on the back of upper thigh. His fingers are drawn to the slick of himself inside Luke. He parts Luke, tongues a stripe from behind his balls straight back. He focuses his attention right where they mix, tasting Luke and himself at the same time.

"What are you doing?" Luke shudders, squirms.

Noah ignores the question because it better be rhetorical and continues to suck and lick tender skin. He delves further, surrenders to the urgency to re-open Luke to his fingers and mouth. Luke's cries encourage Noah, aching to see Luke completely fall apart. He shifts his hands to hold his boyfriend's sides, indicating in gestures if not words that Noah has him. He laps deeper, fucks forward until there is nothing left of himself inside. His legs shake as he crawls up Luke, toys with Luke's nipples before arching up to entangle their fingers and release Luke's from his grip on the beam and hook.

Luke turns into Noah's arms, drops his face into the crook of Noah's neck. "Love you, love you, love you," he murmurs. The heat of Luke's breath mingles with hot saline.

Noah's cups Luke's jaw, brushes his thumbs under his eyes. "Hey, what's wrong?" His heart rides high in his throat. Had he crossed an unspoken line?

"Nothing." Luke kisses Noah. "Good tears." He closes his eyes.

Noah is transfixed by the sight of teardrops on Luke's eyelashes. He drops kisses on each of his eyes. "Promise?" There's so much more to ask. It's never been like this between them, this hard, this demanding and he wonders if they should be talking about what just happened.

Luke grins at Noah. "Promise."

"We should maybe get dressed before -" Noah blushes.

"Before someone shows up to ask what we've been doing?"

"Yeah, that. And I'm not sure I'm up for explaining the birds and the bees to Natalie right now." Noah can't help the nervous giggle spilling off his lips.

"Or the bees and the bees, in our case." Luke hands Noah his jeans, finds his own.

Noah helps Luke with his shirt. "Help you with your chores?"

The smile Luke offers is shy, different. They both know that something has shifted, moved them closer, stronger. "I'd like that." In Noah's mind that means forever.


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Aug. 15th, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
Heh, you did it again: "waste" should be "waist."

Barn sex is so hot. :D
Aug. 15th, 2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
I'm such a dork. I always try to correct it and seem to miss it. Thanks.

Barn sex is so much fun to write. I had no idea. And top!noah. God. that was weird. good, but weird.
Aug. 15th, 2008 06:43 pm (UTC)
UM. Laura's fic killed me dead so I have no words for what this did to me.

This pretty much sums it up.

"Want it rough, Baby. Want you to take me hard, up against a stall, over a saddle. Doesn't matter how exactly. I've imagined it every which way anatomically possible and some that might not even be." He bit Noah's earlobe, purred into his hear, whimpers at the touch Noah's hand on his cock. "You think you can do that to me? Own me, fill me, fuck me into next week. Think you could do that for me sometime?"

Aug. 15th, 2008 10:31 pm (UTC)
oh you. you are the sweetest. Laura's fic killed me dead, and i wish i could have written my remix with the poetry that she has to her words. That being said, I'm tickled that this was "YESPLEASEHOLYSHITHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOTNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHOTHOTHOT".
Aug. 16th, 2008 12:17 am (UTC)
Mmm...This was WONDERFUL. I LOVED the original, and this was different enough that it was just as good! The perfect blend of mind-blowingly sexy, and totally romantic at the same time :D
Jan. 24th, 2009 06:01 am (UTC)
I have read this a gazillion times and i can't believe I never commented. this piece is amazing. It is so hot but so incredibly sweet at the same time. Not just hot sex but just a connection. You are so good at getting the interaction, emotions just everything. You are just so amazing. I love your writing. It just makes me feel. So romantic and hot. ahhhhhhh!!!!
Jan. 24th, 2009 12:59 pm (UTC)
thanks, doll. i just re-read it myself to see what you were commenting on, and it's funny because i don't think i deserve any credit for this. This is allllll Ithilien. Seriously. All of it. Hers is so freaking good and I just wanted to do justice to it.
May. 27th, 2010 06:31 pm (UTC)
One of my all time fav fanfics..read it a few times but don't think I have reviewed it before...loved it so much! xxx
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