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Title: The Interview (Part 5a)
Author: nouveau_monday
Pairing: Noah/Luke
Rating: PG-13; bad language only
Word Count: 4.8kish
Summary: Can you have a first date after you've already had sex?
Spoilers: This is completely AU for the boys. So yeah, any relation to the story line is minor. Facts I kept were the Colonel, Noah's mom, and Oakdale. Other characters resemble themselves, but everyone, by definition is not quite him/her self.
Disclaimer: As I said, this is AU. The characters belong to CBS and P&G and possibly others, but definitely not me. That is the real travesty of all of this.
Notes: Thank you so much to mightyten for being the bestest beta ever. Seriously, she save my ass all the time. I'm so grateful. Also, there's supposed to be another part to this but I didn't get it posted. I'm typing as fast as I can, but i wanted to get something out tonight.

Luke sticks his tongue out at his cell phone. "You're not helping."

"What am I supposed to say? According to Roth, this guy dresses like a reject from Fall Out Boy. And hey, when did you go all emo for boys like Pete Wentz anyway? I thought that was my job?"

"Don't change the subject, Faith. Be a good little sister and stop hitting on Roth. He's still gay. I know you could convert almost anyone, but trust me. You won't this time. Not him. If nothing else because he isn't all goth and shit. I don't know that he owns a single black item of clothing." He ran his hands through his hair. "And speaking of clothes, which was the point of this call in the first place, what should I wear tomorrow?"

"For coffee at 9am? I don't know? Maybe a sign that says I'm desperate and haven't had sex in a long time and clearly can't even dress myself in a closet? How about that?"

Faith's laugh, tinny over the cell speaker, makes Luke wince. He flips through hanger after hanger in his closet. Why the fuck is everything I own striped?"Thanks for nothing. Not that it's any of your business, but I so have had sex recently. Just because you broke up with that wannabe Draco Malfoy does not mean I'm not allowed to get any. We're siblings, not the same person." He squeezes his eyes shut. Bringing up his younger sister's last boyfriend was probably not a good idea when he wanted her advice. "Hey, can you explain to me when I started looking like an Old Navy billboard. How did I miss that every single thing I own is striped? Seriously Faith, every single thing."

"Even your underwear?"

He thinks for a moment, opens the button, pulls down the zipper. "Yes. Even my freaking boxer briefs are striped. How have I dressed like this forever and not really noticed it before?" He slinks to the floor, wraps his hands around his knees. "He's going to think I'm the biggest idiot in the entire world."

"Well then screw him. If he can't tell immediately that you're the bestest guy in the whole wide world, he's obviously not worth your time. Why would you waste your effort on him?"

Luke doesn't respond.

"Luke, honestly, stop this. You're hot. You know it. Roth knows it. Even stupid Reg knows it. This faux-Fall Out Boy better love you or I'm going to kick his ass." She giggles. "And let's not even think about Natalie. Can you imagine? She'd take him out with her field hockey stick, and bring the rest of the team to help. And those girls? They're scary. Most of them are bigger than Dad, some might be bigger than Uncle Brad." She pauses. "Also, you have a great sweater with stripes in two shades of blue, white and black. Wear that. It's hot. I should know. I bought it for you. And make sure your jeans show off your ass. That should help."

"It is so very wrong to have my sister talking about my ass." Luke surges off the floor to grab for the stripes Faith described.

"Yeah, well, don't get me involved in your random fashion emergencies. Hello, last I checked, you were the gay one? Quit worrying. It's just coffee."

"Right. Just coffee. Thanks Faith."

"That's what I'm here for. Try and get some sleep. It's after midnight and I've got an early class. You'll be fine, Luke. Promise."

He stares at his phone for a second, hopes desperately that his sister is right. He would take her along to meet Noah, but wouldn't be able to explain it all. And chances are, bringing your baby sister to meet the prostitute you interviewed, screwed, and then met in an alley and wanted to blow ... probably not the best idea. Luke plugs his phone into its charger, checks the alarm is set on it, and then peels off his clothes. He makes sure his regular alarm is set to go off an hour earlier than usual, slides under his covers grateful for the handmade quilts his grandmother made him over the years.


Noah slaps his arm against the backslash of the shower, lets uncomfortably hot water coat his skin, cleanse him of his night's work. His safe holds enough for rent. He rescinded his two week notice of intent to evacuate, and hopes that the landlord hasn't already found a new tenant. Within the steam and heat of the shower, Noah owns up to the fact that it isn't just questions about his mother keeping him here. He could get his answers just as easily in Chicago. But if Oakdale was cold this time of year, imagine the brutality of the Windy City? Especially without Luke. He flops his head onto his arms. He's so screwed, hasn't connected with someone in years. Not since Arizona - Mesa - and Juan. He shivers. Not the time to think about him. Clear your mind. Try to forget. Stop it!

He loses himself in the memories of skinny fingers clamoring at him in the sunlight-hot brick burning his skin through his shirt, while his legs wrapped around hard muscle. The roughness of denim from jeans barely undone rubbing against the back of his thighs. And Juan, Juan who whispered endearments into his ears in Spanish, promised to make an honest man out of Noah some day, even as Juan had fucked into Noah making him feel it for blissful days. All that before Juan had been shot down on the street for a heroine sale gone wrong, or because daddy didn't want a faggot son, it was never clear to Noah, and he hadn't stuck around to find out.

The memories evaporate as the water turns cold. It is only by gritting his teeth that he washes his hair. Thoughts of a 9am coffee date and frozen wet hair does not appeal. Plus, he needs to sleep for at least a little while. Noah wraps a towel around his hips, grabs another to dry off his hair. From the small cabinet behind the mirror he grabs a bottle of black nailpolish. He grins as he heads toward the kitchen area of his studio apartment. Noah's shoulders relax as he has survived yet another attack of his brain remembering what his heart wishes it wouldn't.

Noah grabs a bottle of water and heads toward his bed. His small stereo sits on the bedside table next to his alarm clock. He hits the play button, realizes he needs to make another copy before this one gets destroyed from repeated wear.

"What do you want to know?"

"Well, how did you get into ... this? It's not everyday someone grows up and says, 'You know what? Think I'm going to go out and, well, umm -"

"Get paid by guys to take it up the ass?"

There is a sound of coughing. "Yeah. If that's, if that's ... Hey, if that's cool. I didn't want to offend you. Didn't want to presume what you did. Or, umm, who you did it with."

Noah sits on the bed. He shakes the small bottle in his hand until the metal ball inside rattles, smirks at the embarrassment and shock evident in Luke's voice. He still can't figure out what changed, but his heart pounds and his fingers shake when it happens. Luke's attitude shifted. He can close his eyes and remember it.

Noah tunes in and out of their voices as he slides the dark polish over his nails. He doesn't know what to expect from tomorrow, from his stupid idea to meet Luke for coffee, but he figures he better go in prepared. His stomach flip flops. He can almost taste the innocent intensity of Luke's mouth, past the synthetic cherry and latex, past the mouthwash and gum, past Roth's coffee. He waits for the first hand to dry and concentrates once again on the tape he had accidentally helped to make.

"I don't have a boyfriend right now. I'd never cheat on someone. Who do you think I am?"

"Dude. I think you're the guy that just paid a whore to get him off. Speaking of, are we going to get on to that any time soon?"

"Now. So done with talking. And don't call yourself that." Another pause, a fumbling of clothes. "Up."

"Where'd that come from?"

"Somewhere. Nowhere. I don't remember."

"Same for these ones?"

"Yeah. It was awhile ago." Even if Luke hadn't been able to hear it, Noah could hear the fear in his throat. "Years even."

"What about these?"

He can't help but wonder if Luke listened to the tape. If he played it over and over again, used it instead of any other legal or illegal sleeping aid. Noah shakes his head. Stop obsessing, idiot. His other hand is now finished and he waits for them both to dry enough that he can sleep.

Noah can't believe he whimpered, but Luke had caught him off guard. "When I was seventeen. I traded blowjobs with a friend who had just gotten his piercing license."

"Body modification as business investment?"

"No, Mr. Reporter." He coughed. "No. Those were just for me. Not a lot of call for whores to get off. It's not really about my needs. This one, this was a business investment. Couldn't give head for nearly a month, but the money since then? Totally worth it. Get that rubber on and I'll show you what this baby's good for. I've been told it's a whole new world."

"Wait, no." Then the sound of skin on skin. "I don't want you to blow me."

"You don't?"

"Okay, shit. Yes, all right? Yes I do very much want you to blow me. I'd love it. But really, I want what I said in the first place. I want to fuck you. Hard. Now."

"How do you want me?" Noah can hear his response, immediate, willing to serve.

"On your knees, I guess."

Noah chugs most of his water, listens to himself moaning and squirming, the slap of skin on skin. He tucks himself under his blankets, flips off the light, leaves his drink within easy reach in case he wakes up. He yawns, stretches, and is dead to the world before the tape finishes. He wakes up enough to hear the end of it, drops back under before the recording of his tears is audible.

"Didn't you hear me the first time? I said to leave. Tricks don't get to stay the night unless I say so and unless they buy the room. This isn't the fucking Lakeview and you didn't pay. Take your money, hell, take the whole fucking bankroll and get out of here"

"I don't understand? What just happened? Noah? How did I screw this up? Explain it to me?"

"There's nothing to explain. You sat down for coffee at Java. I thought, I don't know, I thought maybe you were interested. And instead, it turns out you know who I am, what I do, and now. Now you need to get the fuck out of here so I can vomit and take a shower and maybe puke again. So thanks, kid, for a spectacular orgasm. Take your money and get the fuck out."

"This isn't over" Luke left the apartment.

"Wanna bet?" Noah vomited, paused, and eventually the sound of water running indicated the start of his shower.


Luke's chores are complete. He's showered. His homework is done and packed up ready to leave. He drums his fingers on the top of the island that separates the kitchen from the dining room area and stares into space. No one is around, much to his over all relief, but he could use a distraction. Anything really, to remind himself that there is life outside of freaking out about a date, was it even a date?, well, a whatever it was, at a strange hour of the morning with someone he had chemistry with, but that's all he knew.

He picks up his cell, flips it open, closes it again. Luke can't call Noah and ask him to meet him somewhere else, some place else, anything really, to make it sooner or later or different. He doesn't know how to reach him. He debates calling Roth and begging him to set Java on fire, but that seems dangerous and unproductive. Fuck. If he walksinto town and doesn't drive, he may freeze to death, but it will take awhile. And if he gets there a little early that'll be okay, right? Not too tacky or desperate?

Luke almost convinces himself when he gets beeped with a text message:

Didn't u say date
@ 9? @ java now.
Scaring customers.
Come ASAP.

He grabs his keys and a random scarf off the communal coat rack and heads to his car. Every second the car takes to heat up, every moment he scrapes the ice, Luke's mind struggles to focus. He wishes dates were choreographed for you. Give him a script and he would be much better.

Luke speeds toward Java and a social situation that has rapidly spun out of his control, unsure of what he wants to have happen. More unsure of if he cares or not, as long as it involves Noah.

The streets are relatively empty. Most people choose wisely to sleep in or otherwise hibernate for the winter. Fortunately Oakdale believes in plowing and sanding, so Luke makes solid time. He paces out of view from Java for a few minutes. What should Luke say? do? How will Noah react? A kiss? They kissed. Hell, they'd fucked. But Luke hadn't tasted latex when he was inside Noah, had been able to fool himself briefly. What the hell was going on? Could something go on with Luke knowing what Noah did? "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" He curses. He can't help it. What the fuck is he going to do?

He inhales, coughs on the cold air, exhales. Luke can do this. He can walk into Java slowly, like he just got there a little bit early and then be surprised that Noah is already there and so fucking gorgeous that Luke wants to pin him against a wall and beg him to let them go do naughty things. Christ. Not helping yourself, Snyder. So not helping yourself. He glares at his bodies more than enthusiastic hard-on and attempts to gracefully enter the coffee shop.

His eyes zip across Java. There are fewer people than he normally sees at the tables, but a longer line at the counter. The music pipes retro-swing quietly through its speakers. Luke barely has time to catch Roth's eye, before he sees his friend gesturing him toward the section of Java hidden behind the counter. "He's here?" Luke mouths in a silent question. The deliberate nod and smile of his friend eases one of the million bands of tension around his chest.

Luke sidles up to where Noah hides in the corner. "So I guess we're both more morning people than we thought?"


"Ooooookay. Let me rephrase that, guess I'm more of a morning person that I might have had you believe, and I guess you're just being nice because clearly eloquence in the morning is not your forte."

Noah swallows another mouthful of black coffee. "Had a long night last night. Needed to ... uhhh ... well ... had a long night is all. Hi. Good morning."

Luke grins. "That's better. Almost human. Let me just order, and I'll be right back. Want a refill?" He peels off his jacket, drops it on the back of the chair.

"Refill is on the way, as is your strange whipped cream and sprinkled drink of choice. Sit down. They'll be right over." Noah pushes out Luke's chair somehow from under the table. "Roth said he'd be over in just a minute." He pulls his hood off his head, winks at Luke. "Pretty sure I saw him texting someone as soon as I came in the door with my usual demand. That someone wouldn't have been you, would it?"

Luke attempts to cover his face, hide his blush. "Maybe?" He squeaks. "I kinda warned him that we might be here this morning and that I didn't want to pussy out so if I was running late he should text me."

Noah frowns, and Luke wants to kick himself. "You thought you would pussy out? You didn't want to come?" He stands. "Listen Ace, I don't have to be here. I can head back to my apartment, wait until things warm up a bit, maybe be wild and take in a movie."

"No, wait, nothing like that. I wasn't, I didn't mean, can you just? Sit, please? Sit." Luke tugs at his sweater while Noah sits back down. How did Faith talk him into stripes? "I didn't say I didn't want to be here, I said I was afraid. That's totally different. I haven't been on a ... date ... in a long time, and I don't even know if that's what this is? I'm out of my element, and I tend to, uh, maybe babble a little too much when I'm nervous?"

Two mugs thump down in front of them. "He tends to babble when he's nervous, when he's happy, when he's sad, when he's angry, when he's hungry, when they sky is blue, when it's grey. Basically he just likes to babble. Ignore him if he tries to tell you it's only once in awhile." Roth smiles. "And you? You threw off my whole routine what with almost being pleasant. Scared all the customers. They thought you might not bite on approach. They were looking for signs of the apocalypse and wondering if there was the start of a new world order. Are you ill?"

"Roth!" Luke looks at his friend and wonders if a hole could open under his chair and swallow him. "Man, shut up. What are you doing?" He goes to say more but is cut off by Noah's laugh. It's rough, unsteady with what Luke would guess is lack of use, and one of the sexiest sounds he's ever heard.

"It was a long night. But I heard somewhere that a guy catches more hotties with honey than vinegar, so I thought I'd give it a shot." Noah winks at Roth, flips the jet bead on his tongue stud across his lips. "Didn't mean to scare anyone, unless that means I get to hold your hand for awhile?"

Luke frowns at the pink that burns at Roth's cheeks and ears. He blinks again, surprised at just how turned on he is by his own sense of jealousy. "Roth, go away. Stop letting my pseudo-date flirt with you. Go find your own." He turns to Noah. "Hey, you changed the ball."

"Sure did."

Luke swallows. His eyes are caught in the brilliant blue of Noah's gaze, for the first time Luke takes in the rest of him. He's got a smudge of black eyeliner under his eyes. The fingers wrapped around the bright red mug sport black polish. Maybe there was more than a passing resemblance to the dude, Pete Wentz? He sits on his hands to stop from brushing them across Noah's cheekbones, across his gorgeous throat.

"I can take a hint. See ya later today, Luke? Maybe I'll convince you into drinking coffee like a real man." Roth grabs Noah's used mug. "You can work on him. I'll see you tomorrow morning." He walks away with a smile on his face.

"So, umm, did you change the ball on all your stuff, or just your tongue?"

Noah raises his eyebrow. "Want to find out, Ace?"

"God, you have no idea, do you? No clue at all what you do to me? What you've been doing to me for months now?" Luke licks at the whipped cream and sprinkles on his caramel mocha. "Seriously. You can't just say something like that here." He waves his spoon around to punctuate his sentence.

"Why not? What's wrong with here?"

Noah looks ready to bolt again, and Luke kicks himself. Note to self: be more precise with your language. "Nothing's wrong with here, except that I can't get you naked and check out your piercings on the table at Java. For one, the tables are too small. For another, it would be stupidly unsanitary and Roth would have a fit. Lastly, I'm pretty sure that public indecency could slap us both in jail, and I'd rather not try that."

"It's not so bad. Roof over your head, three squares. If it's only minimum security, I've lived in worse shitholes whoring myself around." Noah twists his mug between his fingers, stares into the murky liquid that makes Luke shudder just to think about drinking it.

"Fuck. I'm sorry. That's my stupid mouth moving before my brain catches up." He licks at his whipped cream again, slurps noisily at the drink underneath the foam. "Can I ask you a question? Not an interview one, just, you know, curiosity." He plunges forward before Noah answers. "How did you wind up in Oakdale? This place isn't exactly a thriving metropolis. And we have this awful winter. Why aren't you in LA, or Miami, or Phoenix or, hell, I don't know, New Orleans? Surely the warmth would make things easier."

"You'd be surprised." Noah's jaw tightens at the mentioned Arizona. Luke wonders why, but doesn't want to pry into something so obviously painful on a first maybe-date. "I got reasons to be here. Stuff I need to figure out." He stares over Luke's shoulder. "Hey, how well do you know WOAK?"

"Okay, random much? Why do you want to know about the station?"

Noah shrugs. "Need to look up some news from awhile ago. Thought maybe I'd catch it here, as long as the studio keeps tapes or video back up, or something. Need to check the local newspaper as well, but I was hoping for some video, some sound." He slugs another hit of coffee.

Luke grins. "I've interned at WOAK since I was just out of high school." He arches an eyebrow. "You psychic, or just lucky? I could take you there, get you into the archives if that's what you need. I gotta pick something up there anyway, so this kills two birds with one stone." He clamps his mouth shut, wants to slap himself. "Not that you're a bird, or that you need to be killed, or anything. I just meant that it would be easy for me to help, and it would help me, y'know, so that would be good. Not that hanging out with just for the sake of hanging out isn't good, that's not what I mean either, I just ..." He hangs his head. "Shutting up now."

Noah tips his head back as he laughs. "Roth wasn't kidding. You really don't know when to stop." He reaches out a hand, places it carefully over Luke's on the table. Luke thinks he may die on the spot, electrical shock by way of gorgeous male. "I understood what you were saying. I know I'm a sensitive queen sometimes, but I understand the idea of helping yourself while helping me." His smile wobbles slightly. "Trust me. That's a concept I'm intimately familiar with."

"Yeah, but fuck, see, that's not what I meant at all then. I'd love to take you to WOAK. It's one of my favorite places. My mom used to own part of it. I practically grew up there. I'd take you there even if I didn't need to grab an application. It'll be awesome. You'll see. For real. When do you want to go?" Luke is all but bouncing out of his seat like an overgrown puppy. He's itchy with unspoken need and isn't sure how much longer he can wait to get his mouth on Noah.

"Can I finish my coffee, Ace? And then, umm, I need to pick something up at my apartment." He pauses. Their eyes meet and Luke swallows. Luke's jerked off so much in the last week thinking about Noah's apartment that his wrists hurt. "Or, umm, I could meet you somewhere at a better time, if that would be good. I don't want you to miss classes or whatever it is you college boys do on a Friday morning."

Luke releases the breath he hasn't realized he's holds. "I'd love to go to your apartment." To make himself appear not quite as desperate as Faith had implied, he adds quickly, "Anyway, no one expects seniors to go to Friday morning classes unless they're retarded." Luke puts his drink to his mouth before he begs Noah to put himself there. No scaring him. No scaring Noah until we know what this is.

"Okay then." Noah pounds the rest of his coffee. "Let me settle up with Roth and I'll be right back."


"Thanks for the to-go. How did you know I liked white hot chocolate? It's one of my favorites, but I thought only my family knew. It's not hard to find necessarily, but most of it sucks. Java doesn't hold a candle to my grandmother's, but that's okay. It's still really good."

Noah bites his lip. Jesus, the kid really doesn't know when to stop babbling. "I always get one to go, figured I'd do the same for you." He shrugs. "Guess Roth is part of your family?"

Luke laughs. "He wishes." He bumps his hip into Noah's. "Naw, nothing like that. We went out, like, twice. Freshman year. It was awful. We're so much better as friends. Trust me."

Noah frowns, rubs his hip to wipe away the strange tingling feeling, tries to imagine Roth and Luke as a couple. "So you two don't ..." He gestures with his hand. "Are you sure? Because he seems pretty protective of you."

"Totally sure." Luke steps into Noah's space. "I told you. I don't have a boyfriend. I haven't had a boyfriend in far too long. Will you trust me on that?"

"Oddly enough, I do." Noah blinks. He does trust Luke. There's no rhyme or reason to it, but he does. The nail polish, the eyeliner, the gel in his hair, all of that should have clued Noah into the fact that he was hiding himself, determined to keep up the wall. What the hell was he doing taking Luke back to his apartment? He tugs at the striped scarf around his neck. "Are you sure you don't have somewhere else you need to be?"

"Again, totally sure. Why? Would you, umm, I mean, would it be better if I did have an elsewhere?" He grabs Noah's hand that isn't holding the coffee. "I can go somewhere, if that would be better. I don't know exactly what's going on here, but I'd rather it didn't start by you being uncomfortable. That would be dumb on my part."

Noah sighs. "And a little too late," he mutters.


"Nothing." He goes to flick his hood up, but realizes that would mean separating his fingers from Luke's. "I'm good. Come on. We're almost there and I'm freezing my nipples off."

"Maybe if you hadn't shoved metal through them, they wouldn't be so sensitive?" Luke falls into step with Noah.

"I didn't hear you complaining, Ace. And if I recall our earlier conversation, pretty sure you wanted to see if all the balls in my jewelry had been changed. Did you change your mind." Easy, uncomplicated flirting. Noah could do that with the best of them. He could keep his distance.

Luke shudders. "I told you not to say that where you can't back it up, or I can't back you up, or something. It's not fair."

"Dude. You're whining. Seriously. Go back to babbling." Noah stands at the lobby door. His keys are in his pocket, but that means taking his hand back. "Anyway, we're here. You coming up, or gonna wait in the lobby?"

"I'd love to come up. If you wouldn't mind?"

"If you start to freak, I'll kick you out. I'm good with that one." Noah's fingers don't like the cold after Luke's body heat, but even with some shivers, he gets the front door unlocked. "Not always tactful, but good."

"That's not necessarily the word I would use. Effective maybe? Effective might work better."

On to 5b


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Aug. 7th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)
*sigh* That was about 15 diffent kinds of adorable :D
I've been waiting for this all day :P
Aug. 7th, 2008 02:20 pm (UTC)
I'm glad it came off as adorable. I was maybe going to go for more awkward and then I just needed some schmoop in there. I can't help it. I'm a schmoop addict.
Aug. 7th, 2008 09:13 am (UTC)
I know there is another part to this, one that I can't wait for, but this was just damn good. I just have so loved how we keep getting deeper and deeper into these characters with their quirks and little idiosyncrasies and how even in such a completely unapologetic AU piece it is still so rooted in canon. Just wrapped up in black nail polish and eyeliner and piercings that works so well I am always left a little in awe.

He loses himself in the memories of skinny fingers clamoring at him in the sunlight-hot brick burning his skin through his shirt, while his legs wrapped around hard muscle. :
Not only is this a gorgeous line but I didn't see Juan coming at all. I find it fascinating that Noah let himself go there once before.

His stomach flip flops. He can almost taste the innocent intensity of Luke's mouth, past the synthetic cherry and latex, past the mouthwash and gum, past Roth's coffee.:
This just stuck out for me - I think perhaps in the fact that he can get past all those things and just taste Luke.

He goes to say more but is cut off by Noah's laugh. It's rough, unsteady with what Luke would guess is lack of use, and one of the sexiest sounds he's ever heard.:
I love that you pointed out Noah doesn't laugh often.

He sits on his hands to stop from brushing them across Noah's cheekbones, across his gorgeous throat.:
This I just loved. Like a lot.

He reaches out a hand, places it carefully over Luke's on the table. Luke thinks he may die on the spot, electrical shock by way of gorgeous male. "I understood what you were saying. I know I'm a sensitive queen sometimes, but I understand the idea of helping yourself while helping me." His smile wobbles slightly. "Trust me. That's a concept I'm intimately familiar with.":
God, this took me off guard and I got all tingly and flaily with it. Really, just loves.

The nail polish, the eyeliner, the gel in his hair, all of that should have clued Noah into the fact that he was hiding himself, determined to keep up the wall.:
Um, hi, like the undercurrent of it all, yes? Love that he realizes this and that thru his appearance he is pushing the world away.

I also loved Faith and Luke's rampant babbling and how you have managed to flesh out Roth in a way that I want your Roth on the show. Like now. I realize this is insanely long, and for that I'm sorry, but this particular chapter I just found a lot in. Anyways, loves it, loves you - just bloody brilliant as always hon.
Aug. 7th, 2008 02:33 pm (UTC)
I love you. It's true. I woke up to find this message in my inbox and was so amazed. It was fantastic. I love when people pick out lines. It makes everything so good for me.

Is it egotistical of me or something that I absolutely want this Roth on the show? I really do. Though, if not that, I'd take that guy who worked at Java as becoming Noah's honest-to-god friend. I want Noah to have a friend that isn't a Snyder. Is that too much to ask? And the Faith part was all for Brak. I keep thinking about his comments about Faith and I just needed to add her in.

Did the Juan stuff work, even if it seemed kinda out of the blue?
Aug. 7th, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
Dude your Roth needs to be on show. The more I read the more I am in love with this kid. And Java Jeff would be fine as well, but I so hear you on getting a friend for Noah this is NOT related in some fucked up way to his boyfriend.

It totally worked. I guess I just assumed (which I never should do but whatever) that he had never gone there before and let himself fall but this makes so much more sense and adds a new layer to him and takes it a little out of being predictable I suppose. I really quite like that Luke isn't the first person he has let himself develop feelings for.

Oh and I totally forgot to add that I am digging the stuff at WOAK - love. I'm thinking it's about hooker!mommy but whatever it is another piece of canon that has come to play here and I adore that.
Aug. 7th, 2008 11:26 pm (UTC)
I kinda wanted Noah to have almost maybe had something once before so maybe it's that much harder. And like he can let his guard down just so much with Luke before he knows that he has to stop so he doesn't get as lost as he did after juan. plus, juan was ... awhile ago. after noah ran from daddykins, but before the reason noah is in oakdale.

I'm glad you like the WOAK stuff. I may need to take a poll to see if Noah should apply for the internship or not. I'm of two minds on it.
Aug. 7th, 2008 11:56 pm (UTC)
That's all the reasons why it works so well. And the internship thing is interesting. I have to think on that, I'm not sure how I feel about Noah applying or not. Hm.

EDIT: K, so I thought about it and I'm thinking Noah applying for the internship is the way to go. This would allow him access to WOAK for whatever you are doing with that and give him a guise to see Luke, which I know he wants. I'm assuming at some point him getting closer to Luke is gonna start to freak him out and then maybe he wouldn't apply but I don't know your timetable. And going just with what I know now he wants to spend time with Luke and isn't pushing him away - yet. So this gives him ample chances to do that and Luke would get to see him in a setting where he isn't the guy who fucks for rent. I think it would be interesting to watch them together in that environment. All right, enough rambling.

Also? I'm fully aware I am just butting in and giving my opinion, that you were talking poll and I'm all here with my own thoughts but if you haven't learned I tend to do that then we need to spend more time talking! Hehe. :D

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Aug. 8th, 2008 12:49 pm (UTC)
Also? I love that you thought about it and came back to me. That's the bestest ever. I don't think I have a timetable for this. It's took on a life of its own and now I'm just writing it because it yells at me to, and other people yell for it as well. (I mean, honestly, when dynoguy mentions he likes your AU, you keep writing. Y/Y?)
Aug. 7th, 2008 11:30 am (UTC)
This story is so great, and Noah really works as a desillusioned prostitute. Now if he would just wear a little more eyeliner and nailpolish on the show...
Aug. 7th, 2008 02:22 pm (UTC)
I love love LOVE Noah on the show, but a halloween episode where he gets all gothed out? I could SO VERY be more than okay with that.
Aug. 7th, 2008 12:12 pm (UTC)
Another brilliant installment! I love how they're trying to date, even though they know each other so intimately (and I don't mean just the sex) I mean the connection that is there. It's like they're trying a first date, but they're already at date 15. Cannot wait for what you have next!
Aug. 7th, 2008 02:24 pm (UTC)
The next half - which hopefully will be up sooner than later - is in the apartment and all smooshy and there will be more kissing. because I'm addicted to writing them kiss. I'm glad you're liking it.
Aug. 7th, 2008 02:38 pm (UTC)
Oh kissing in the apartment. I am so excited for this beacuse I am addicting to you writing them kissing! I loved a lot of things about this chapter, but I have to say the hand holding was just so beyond cute. The fact that Noah didn't want to let go of Luke's hand. I loved it and I am excited for the next part!
Aug. 7th, 2008 11:28 pm (UTC)
i'm such a sucker for boy-on-boy cuteness that it's ridiculous.

i hope my next section comes out okay.
Aug. 7th, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)

I just really love them in this. It's awesome to like the nth degree!
Aug. 7th, 2008 11:31 pm (UTC)
*hugs* thank you. Flailing is much appreciated.
Aug. 7th, 2008 11:05 pm (UTC)
Yay, an update! Excellent as always.
Aug. 7th, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.
Aug. 8th, 2008 03:22 pm (UTC)
Okay. Faith is so much more awesome in your story than in the show.

Hahha Luke and his striped underwear. AHeheheh dljaflkjalfkaflkahdfakjlgahdf!!

And, uh, I'm going to skip over the Pete Wentz part cause I can't stand Fall Out Boy BUT ZOMG a Draco Malfoy reference. :D :D :D :D dfhafalkajfhasd!

I am very interested in what happened between Juan and Noah. And I absolutely love that Noah listens to the tape before he goes to bed every night.

His stomach flip flops. He can almost taste the innocent intensity of Luke's mouth, past the synthetic cherry and latex, past the mouthwash and gum, past Roth's coffee.

I love this line. And your description. I love that Noah can still taste Luke past all of that.

OMG ROTH! Can I please have a Roth of my own? Pleaasseeeeeee?!?! I would give my arm and leg to have Roth be Luke's best friend on the show. Well, your Roth at least. Actually, could just please write for the show? jdhfafhakjfhadfalgjkfahd!

Noah being nice to customers but scaring then anyway. *snickers*]

Luke noticed that Noah changed the ball on his piercing. HOT. Noah wearing eyeliner. HOT HOT HOT.

"Not that you're a bird, or that you need to be killed, or anything. I just meant that it would be easy for me to help, and it would help me, y'know, so that would be good. Not that hanging out with just for the sake of hanging out isn't good, that's not what I mean either, I just ..."

OMG babbling!Luke for the win. I love it when he babbles. He also babbles in your other rentboy fic. ;-)

Yes! Luke's coming up to the apartment. Will there be more smexin' in the next part? :D
Aug. 9th, 2008 12:28 am (UTC)
it would be cool to write for a soap, i think. but i would need to take courses in it, and somehow i don't see my job paying for those as PDPs.

You can have a Roth of your own as soon as you find one for the show. That would be ahjkdlfgakhlsd fgjlasdgyfi bhfvjl uaisle rfgyh udl bvhials vcbalm,xfgyhrualgfyudglfv!

I'm collecting a list of my idiosyncracies when i write this fandom:
luke babbling
luke calling noah 'baby'

there might be more, but these are the three that keep popping up.

*smooches* as always, you give fantastic comment.
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Aug. 9th, 2008 12:25 am (UTC)
I confess, my faith is not really my faith. she's brak's faith. but i'll take some credit for giving her voice :)

5b is going to be the hot make out scene you suggested. because Luke needs to check out the changes noah made to his jewelry and noah needs to give himself some distance so he kinda comes on to luke because sexuality is clearly a wall for him. It just won't work quite right. Poor Noah.
Apr. 15th, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)
First of all: Faith and Luke's conversation is just so believable. If Faith were a little bit older and a lot less bratty that is what she'd be like. Completely awesome. Also, love that Luke realizes how many striped things he owned, and the line about his ass? Um, yeah. Perfect.

And this whole part is far too adorable. It's wonderful and unsure and flirty.

Noah pushes out Luke's chair somehow from under the table. This and other sentences in the following chapters made me realize how good you are at writing physical actions. It's a weird compliment, but you make movement sound interesting.
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