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Collecting drabbles into one place

From the comment porn-a-thon on luke_noah

Prompt: Victorian fic
Word count: 580ish
Rating: umm ... duh? (but not as explicit as i sometimes get)
Title: none

It is the cuff that undoes him. Noah stares at the wrist, elegant and pale, peaking from beneath the brilliant starched white material. His lips and teeth ache to bite and suck against the tender flesh. Drool puddles in his mouth when the hand attached to that wrist reaches up to brush across his cheek. He can't help it. His tongue slides skin and presses at the pulse point. He switches to his teeth and bites down. He soothes the sting with a quick kiss before sucking a bruise to the surface.

"You're so handsome. No links, or collars to hide your skin." Luciano runs cold hands over the muscles of Noah's arms. "But now, I believe, it's my turn. Stay still." He stands to the side of the four poster bed and slowly undoes the links on his cuffs and the studs that keep his shirt done. His suspenders were lost some hours ago, but he rids himself quickly of trousers and stands naked and somewhat chilled. He drapes his clothes over a chair, then reaches into his wardrobe for several cravats. Luciano crawls onto the bed to lay next to his lover. "Close your eyes, Noah." Luciano waits for eyelids to cover piercing blue eyes before getting to work. With minimal effort, he creates a blindfold. Noah's breath is quickening. "Arms and legs next."

Though his limbs feel like liquid metal, Noah tries to comply with his partner's request. He feels each knot exquisitely as he is bound. His breath has all but stopped. It feels ragged, like he imagined it might be to have tuberculosis. But oh! He cannot help but whimper. His back arches tight off the rich material of the feather bed. Wet heat spirals across his clavicle and down to his navel. Each swipe creates lightening behind Noah's blindfold. He cannot create coherent sentences, is not sure what he would say could he form thoughts, let alone string words together.

"Hush now. Be strong." Luciano inhales the musk and salt tang from Noah's abdomen. He kneels between bound legs and bends forward. His tongue laps at the slit of Noah's cock. He is drawn to this man like a moth to a candle, aching to consume and be consumed in turn, but not tonight. Tonight he yearns to suck and swallow, to seduce. His mouth encases firm muscle under velvet skin. He drags a hint of teeth over the shaft. One hand splays across Noah's hip, even as Luciano focuses his tongue on the firm vein that runs down the underside of his cock. His motions are smooth, controlled. A clear parallel to the sensation he imagines his partner feels with silk locking him in place.

Noah bites at his lip, praying that he can be as silent as Luciano desires. He is wholly unsuccessful when his stomach and thighs begin to tighten. "Luciano." He attempts to fist his hands into his lover's hair, but only succeeds in grabbing at the material around his wrists. Though his voice is rough, Noah knows it is clear. Luciano doesn't stop. His mouth somehow tightens and swallows deeper. He digs tighter into the raw silk that binds him as he bucks up. His seed spills forth and pours down Luciano's throat, and he is coaxed through each decreasing wave. Noah cannot see it, but somehow he knows that Luciano is smiling as he crawls up and over Noah's body to rest his head against Noah's chest.

Prompt: bottom!luke (at least position wise, and also pushy bottom!luke)
Word count: combined about 1000 words
Rating: NC-17 if i did it right
Title: Penny for Your Thoughts?

Luke sits on the back bumper of Noah's truck, shamelessly checking out the tightness of jeans over his boyfriend's ass as he bends to check one of the tires. "Everything okay?" He knows the tires are okay, because he checked them himself the night before, but why say anything if it meant Noah was going to bend over, and there would be that slice of skin along his hip and lower back aching for Luke's fingers to trace it, even if Noah had no idea he was being objectified so completely and deliciously. He purrs low in his throat.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Noah raises one eyebrow, arms cross in front of his chest. He slips his way between Luke's legs, then decides to run his hands up the nape of Luke's neck and into his hair. Noah tightens his fingers and tip Luke's head back to bare his neck. He mouths hot, wet kisses and stinging bruises into beautiful supple skin. "Mmmmm," Noah breathes. "I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours."

Luke lifts his legs, catching on Noah's hips and pulling him close. "Want you inside me, Noah. Want your body pressing against me, into me. My hands on your back. Your arms a cage around me. Want you to fuck my brains out in the back of your truck." He kisses Noah's forehead, ghosts breath across his face. "Want that right now." He pauses. "Please."

Noah drags Luke off the bumper with one arm, pressing their dicks perilously close together before the fun can really begin, and opens the flatbed. "Lucky for both of us, I was having the same thought." He can't help but rock against the warmth of Luke's body, but shoves himself away quickly to hop into the truck. Noah hates to acknowledge that sometimes the Colonel did something right, but damned if he isn't prepared for any emergency. And if a gorgeous, horny boyfriend wanting to be fucked wasn't an emergency, hell, Noah didn't know what was. So he unrolls the two sleeping bags and places them on top of each other. He dives into the tackle box he uses for supplies of any kind. When the weather got warm Noah had added condoms and lube, just in case. He straightens up on the uneven bed, expecting to have to go back for his boyfriend. Happily, Noah finds he was wrong.

Luke is on his back. His jeans and boxers are shoved down to his knees and he's working his shirt off. "Now, Noah." He whines shamelessly and jacks his own dick once, twice, in case his boyfriend didn't get the hint. "Want you now." Luke smiles when Noah kneels next to him, and purrs when the striped cotton is nearly ripped off him. He lifts his legs to help get rid of the rest of his clothes, and then Luke is happily naked with the warm sun shining on him, and his boyfriend kneeling and looking at him like he was Christmas, his birthday and Valentine's Day all rolled into one. He parts his legs, cants his hips. "I'm ready." He locks his ankles behind Noah's thighs and tugs.

Noah braces his arms, but not fast enough and his chest is pressed against his boy's. "Don't I get to be naked too?" He doesn't wait for a response because, duh, and fumbles with buttons on his shirt and on his jeans. Whoever told him he should ever buy button flies obviously didn't understand the hotness of tanned skin and firm muscles and everything laid out before him. His fingers shake as he rolls on the condom, but how can they not when Luke has snapped open the lube and is prepping himself.

Luke slides his own fingers in and out of himself, one and then another, with as much lube as he can get. "Get naked faster." He attempts to pout, but it is swallowed cleanly by Noah moving back on top of him and licking into his mouth. Luke fumbles for Noah's dick, grateful for that first breach of muscle and the sting of pleasure that accompanies it. Urgency overtakes everything. He pulls Noah in closer, and refuses to let Noah set the leisurely gentle pace because he thinks Luke might break. "Now, Mayer, fuck me, now now now." And he doesn't care that he's swearing, using his loud voice, or anything else because Noah is thrusting against him hard and fast and damn near bruising against their makeshift mattress.

Noah flushes. He can't help it. Luke is wanton and shameless and so incredibly free that he doesn't if he should be jealous or worried that the neighbors twenty acres away might hear them. He can come from being inside his boyfriend, no question. Hot, tight, warm, home, everything, but he always wants to touch. Noah pets at the inside of Luke's thighs in part because he loves the pull of muscles, but also because they've made a mess of the lube once more and he wants some for his hands. Once suitably sticky, Noah wraps his fingers around Luke's dick. He shifts his head to bite at Luke's jaw, suck hickeys to his clavicle. All the time he pulls long and slow, with a flick of his wrist on the upswing. His body is aching to give in, but he won't until Luke does, because that's what a good boyfriend does. The hitch in Luke's breath has Noah moving faster and firmer everywhere. "Luke, baby, I'm so close, so close."

Luke meets each motion thrust for thrust. "Then do it. Come, god, me too. Noah!" He cries out his boyfriend's name, yanking him closer to him and raking his nails over the broad planes of his back. Luke can feel the pulse of Noah's dick inside him. It sets off something and his aftershocks are almost painful. He feels Noah start to slide back or kneel up. He tightens his arms and keeps them pressed skin to skin with come in between. "You can't move yet. This is what I really wanted. You, on top of me, fucked out and eyes dilated. Inside me, around me, just us in your truck." He kisses the confusion off Noah's lips and smiles. "That was worth more than a penny."


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May. 29th, 2008 06:15 pm (UTC)
That was damn hot! I love bottom bossy Luke! (totally a luke/girl) You have put images in my head that won't easily be forgotten~thank you!!!
From Sept.25
Jul. 27th, 2010 03:06 pm (UTC)
Is drooling. Luke is definitely a topybottom.
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