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Title: So? R U in?
Author: ithilien22 and nouveau_monday.
Genre: PWP
Rating: Oh, so very, very NC-17
Word Count: 9,180
Summary: Reg and Tony decide to try monogamy.
Warning: Kink: threesome, foursome, rimming, double penetration, masturbation, voyeurism, fisting, facials, delayed orgasms, genital piercings, outdoor sex. Um…yeah. VERY graphic sex.
Spoilers: None. Future!fic.


“I’m just so relieved to finally be done,” Luke says. He’s sitting at java, tucked into a corner table with Noah and their friends Tony and Reg. “I never have to take another final again.”

Noah smiles and raises his coffee in a fake toast, “Hear, hear!” His other arm rests the back of Luke’s chair and his fingers trace Luke’s shoulder absentmindedly.

“Poor Tony has one more semester,” Reg teases with a chuckle.

“It’s that damn biology credit,” Tony retorts, but his tone is light.

“You know,” Reg starts to say something but stops himself. He shares a look with Tony and an unspoken conversation takes place between the two of them. Tony gives a slight nod.

“You know, Tony and I have decided to stop seeing other people,” he tells Luke and Noah.

Luke grins and offers a “Congratulations!” that seems mostly aimed at Reg. Noah just raises his eyebrows.

“Really?” Noah asks. He glances at Tony, but the question is directed at Reg.

“Hey, it was his idea,” Reg says with a laugh, gesturing at Tony.

Luke leans back in his chair, his arms crossed over his chest. It looks as though he’s pleasantly surprised.

“Wow, Tony,” he says, “Didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Well, we all gotta ‘settle down’ sometime, right?” he responds, his tone slightly sarcastic. “Still, Reg and I thought we’d have one last hurrah before we made it all official.”

“Of course you did. Why doesn’t that surprise me?” Noah says with a smirk.

Reg looks over at Tony and once again they seem to have one of their silent conversations. Tony nudges Reg’s knee under the table and Reg reluctantly turns back to Luke and Noah.

“Look, we were thinking, I mean…” he trails off and looks to Tony for help.

“We know it’s not really your thing,” Tony cuts in, “but we were thinking maybe the four of us could celebrate this momentous occasion, you know, together.” His words sound innocent enough, but he puts just the right emphasis on together that there’s no mistaking his meaning.

“No alcohol," Reg adds quickly, nodding at Luke, "just the four of us, good music, and, well, the hot tub."

Before either Luke or Noah can respond, Reg holds his hand up as if to stop them.

“You don’t have to say anything right now,” he tells them.

Luke opens his mouth, but Tony cuts him off.

“Just…take some time to think it over,” Tony says.

He nods at Reg and they both stand from the table. Reg hesitates awkwardly for a moment as if he wants to say something more, but Tony grabs his arm and pulls him out of the coffee house, leaving Luke and Noah alone to process everything.

Noah stares at their friends retreating backs. "That Tony. He's something. Asking to be monogamous and to have a foursome in the same breath. That had to be his idea, right? Reg wouldn't do that, would he?"

"I don't know. If you're them it probably makes sense. They've both been seeing other people fairly consistently. And I don't know," Luke's voice trails off as he sips his iced coffee.

"Luke? What are you saying? You can't honestly be thinking about this seriously? Come on. They want to celebrate their monogamy by sleeping with us?" Noah shakes his head. "That's insane. Even for those two."

"Is it?" Luke turns the full depth of his eyes on Noah. "When will we ever get another offer like this, Noah?"

"When would we want another offer like this? I know we've talked about it, but I thought it was more 'what if' than 'when'? Was I wrong?" Noah drums his fingers on the table.

"Noah, you know." Luke swallows. "You know that I've always wanted to be able to watch you. To have others see you the way I do. You're so beautiful, and sometimes, I don't know, sometimes I want to brag or something." He stares at the table. "It's stupid."

"It's not stupid. You're never stupid. I love all your ideas." He blushes. "How many times have I asked you to tie me up? I never would have known. And the library? Who would have thought Russian Lit could be so hot? But this? It's a lot, y'know?"

Luke tangles his fingers with Noah. "It is a lot, but we'll never get another chance. At least not one I could ever imagine us actually entertaining. But these two? We've known them four years. We know everyone they've fucked, and everyone they wished they had fucked. Maybe it's serendipity? If we're gonna go big with college experiments, this certainly would be at the top of my list."

"You? Really? You want to see me with someone else?"

"God yes! You have no idea how fucking hot you are. You never do. But with Reg and Tony, maybe you'd finally get it. The three of us all over you." Luke presses his lips together. His eyes shine. "It'll be amazing. You'll see."

Noah squeezes Luke's fingers. "So that's a yes, right? We'll do this? I feel out of my element on this, but..."

"But you can trust me. I'll take care of you. Promise." Luke dashes a kiss across Noah's forehead. "I love you."

Noah drains his coffee. "Ok. We're doing this." He goes to bus their cups when his phone vibrates. "Grab that, would you?"

"Yeah, just a sec. I just got a text." Luke laughs, grabs for Noah's hip. He holds up both their cells to Noah's confused face.

The same message lights up both screens: So? R U in?

* * *

Noah drums his fingers on the steering wheel. "Alright, it's this next left and then what?"

"And then it's the third right. Look for a blue mailbox." Luke looks up from the directions on his phone. "There's the left." He tips his sunglasses. "And there's the mailbox."

"Is that the driveway?" Noah frowns at the expanse of pavement that goes up and up.

"Yeah. Tony's family has a ton of money. This place is supposed to be amazing."

Noah laughs. "And you're sure it's the place that you're talking about?"

"Idiot." Luke punches Noah's arm, leaves his hand on his bicep. "Thank you. For doing this. For me."

Noah risks a glance at Luke, shakes his head. "Not for you. With you." He pulls into the open spot near the house. "This place is huge. What do Tony's parents do again?"

"They're Tony's parents. He spawned from somewhere. It's probably better not to know." Luke opens his door. "Come on. Only live once." He slides out his door and slams it behind him.

"Thank God," Noah whispers. He swallows, stares at the lake just visible behind the gigantic house in front of him. He gets himself out, closes his door, locks, tries to remember to breathe, and catches up with Luke as quickly as he can.

Reg opens the front door before either Luke or Noah can ring the bell. "You made it okay? Tony's setting up out back. Come on through. You've never been here before, right? A shame really. You missed some good times."

"We're here now."

"That you are, Luke. That you are." Reg's smile is genuine, but nervous. "Want the tour, or, you know, want to just head out back?"

Luke catches Noah's eyes, shares unspoken words. Noah slings his arm over Luke's shoulder. "Out back is fine."

Luke leans into Noah's arm. "Out back is perfect."

Behind Tony's parent's monstrosity of a house is a back yard that rivals the view from Snyder Pond. It's breathtaking and Noah automatically feels more at ease. Until he sees the hot tub, big enough for six as Tony has reminded them on several occasions.

"Something to drink? Soda? Water? Luke, I know you don't drink, but Noah we've got beer and some stuff for Cosmos if you're interested." Tony waves to the bucket filled with ice and drinks.

"Soda sounds great. Rootbeer if you've got it." Noah peels his arm off Luke, joins Tony.

"Noah, for you I've got whatever you want." There is no mistaking what Tony means. He leans into Noah's neck, sniffs at him. "God, Luke, why do you even bother to get out of bed when you have someone like this to warm it?"

Luke blinks, but catches up quickly. "Afternoon classes, and sometimes we skipped." He bites Noah's ear on the far side of Tony. "He's amazing."

Reg slides an arm around Tony's waist. "No scaring the company away before they're comfortable. We don't want them to run away before we get to the good stuff." He purrs into his boyfriend's ear, but keeps his eyes firmly on Luke.

"We're not running away, but we do, we have questions. How does this work? We've never -"

Tony grabs two rootbeers from the ice. "Never invited others to join you two. Don't we know it. Reg and I waited to see if you would, so we could just slip ourselves in. When I told him I wanted to be monogamous, we thought, what the hell, it's our last opportunity. Why not just ask them." He winks, holds Luke's fingers longer than necessary. "And it worked. Figures you two would want honesty and a smaller group than sometimes comes up here."

"We sanitize everything. And everyone is tested and wears latex just in case. Safety first and all that." Reg steps backward, encourages the others closer to the hot tub. "Tony and I don't really have expectations. We know what we like. But you two are the wild card." He tugs his shirt over his head so he's left in just his shorts. "The water feels great. You came this far. Next step is up to you."

Luke can hear Noah's breath, feel the heat emanating off him. "Hear that? Next step is up to us." He slides his hands under Noah's shirt, swirls soda can chilled fingers over his torso. "We don't have to do this if you don't want. You know that, right?"

"We don't have to, but I want to. I want to share this with you." Noah rocks back against Luke's cock. "You want this. I want to give this to you." He lifts his arms. "Help me?"

"Always." Luke eases Noah's shirt off him, sprinkles kisses up his spine. He bites at the dip where shoulder meets neck. "You're so fucking hot."

"And you're wearing the most clothes, Snyder. Not that I don't appreciate the strip show, but come on." Tony tosses his shorts at Luke's head. He stands there smirking for a minute and Luke swallows thickly when he notices that Tony has a piercing that Luke’s never seen before. Tony turns around and heads for the tub before Luke can think of anything to say.

Noah leaves his back to his boyfriend. He meets Reg's appraising gaze. "Yeah Luke, you're wearing too much." He kicks off his flip flops and unbuttons his shorts. "We doing this or what?"

"Oh God." Saliva pools in Luke's mouth. "We are so doing this." He makes efficient work of his own clothes and heads toward the water. "Your turn, Reg."

Noah and Reg glance at each other, their boyfriends already in the hot tub. Reg gives sort of a half shrug and tugs off his shorts and Noah moves to do the same. They slide in so that they’re sitting across from Luke and Tony, and Luke smiles at Noah reassuringly. Once they are all in the hot tub, they just sit there for a moment as if unsure what to do next.

Noah’s ears start to turn slightly pink and he drums his fingers against the edge of the tub. Luke opens his mouth as if to say something but then closes it, letting out an audible breath instead. He looks up at the sky, then back at the house. He thinks he is supposed to be doing something, but there are three different guys in front of him and he suddenly feels very out of his element. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Tony shoot a glance at Reg. Reg answers his silent question with a shrug.

After a few more moments of awkwardness and silence, Tony rolls his eyes, pushes himself into Noah’s lap, and kisses him. Reg whistles appreciatively at the sight and Luke can’t decide if he’s ridiculously turned on or whether he wants to punch Tony in the face. He thinks maybe both. When Tony and Noah finally pull back from the kiss, Tony grins and runs his hands up Noah’s chest. “Been wanting to do that for three and a half years,” he whispers.

Suddenly, it’s as if a spell has been broken. Luke grabs at Reg just as Tony pulls Noah back in for another kiss and soon all the awkwardness of earlier starts to disappear. Reg’s stubble scratches against Luke’s chin as they kiss, their cocks brushing together as Reg pulls Luke closer. That’s when it finally hits Luke – that he is about to have sex with someone who is not Noah for the first time in his life.

He breaks the kiss with Reg and glances over at Noah just as Noah does the same. Noah gives him a small smile and Luke can feel himself relax. He leans over and kisses Noah, losing himself in the familiar for a moment and reassuring them both about what they’re about to do. Tony takes the opportunity to reach over the edge of the tub and grab a couple of condoms, then he hands one each to Luke and to Noah.

Reg pulls Tony to him and kisses him soundly. It’s hard to see through the movement of the water, but Luke thinks they might be preparing each other and the idea of it almost has him drooling in anticipation. Noah pulls himself up onto the edge of the tub and moves to open the condom, but Luke’s already got his open. “Let me,” he says, but holds onto it.

When Noah moves to slide back into the water, Luke stops him, running his hands up Noah’s thighs to hold him in place. He leans down and wraps his lips around the head of Noah’s cock, eliciting a soft gasp of surprise from Noah. Luke smiles in triumph and then takes Noah in deeper, sliding his tongue along the underside. Noah’s fingers tangle in Luke’s hair and he whispers, “fuck” in a voice that’s thick with lust. As he thrusts into the wet heat of Luke’s mouth, he can see Reg and Tony right next to him, watching. He’s never been so turned on in his life.

Luke continues to swallow Noah down until he’s hard and leaking and when Luke finally pulls off, Noah moans at the loss. He reaches down and pulls Luke up next to him, kissing him almost breathless. They rest for a moment, their foreheads pressed together, and Noah whispers Luke’s name in a way that makes Luke’s cock twitch and his heart speed up. Luke slides the condom onto Noah with practiced ease. Noah opens the other and rolls it down over Luke’s cock, stroking Luke a bit as he does. Then, with one last kiss, they both slide back into the water.

“You guys ready?” Noah asks. He slides a hand along Tony’s stomach and Tony grins up at him. With a glance at Reg, they both pull themselves up against the side of the tub, giving Noah a clear answer. Luke slides up behind Reg and kisses his shoulder. He positions himself against Reg’s entrance and watches as Noah does the same with Tony. Noah looks up and catches Luke watching him and he can’t help leaning over and capturing Luke’s mouth in a kiss. They are still kissing as they slowly push into the two men underneath them.

It's not clear who moans first, who says what.



"Oh God."

"Don't move."


"Kiss me."

Noah cannot believe that he's buried balls deep in someone and it isn't Luke. Luke! Noah pulls back, breathes hard, and watches Luke biting his lip as he thrusts up. Reg is writhing against him making these weird mewling noises. Reg leans his body back into Luke's chest, but holds Tony's hand tight enough to leave half-moon nail marks. Tony lifts himself on Noah, startling him out of his lust inspired reveries. He moves them closer to the corner, the other two. His legs slip slightly and he slams into Tony harder than he meant. An apology is on Noah's lips when Tony's thighs tighten around his and he sighs out a completely satisfied yes.

Something in that sound breaks loose inside Noah. He reaches over Tony's body and grabs for Luke. "Kiss me again, you idiot, now." He laughs. The situation is beyond surreal and he better just enjoy it. His dick doesn't seem to care where it is, as long as he can taste Luke, and keeps going. Tony meets him thrust for thrust. Each one harder, stronger than the one before. The water sloshing in the hot tub adds another sensory level and Noah definitely wants to try this again when it's just Luke and him.

Luke presses his hands forward, digs his thumbs behind Reg's shoulder blades to lengthen his spine. His nipples rub across Reg's back as they arch closer to the other two. His mouth meets Noah's over Reg's shoulder. Luke traces his hand over Reg's collarbone, down his bicep, his forearm and threads their fingers together. Reg's tightens his grip and he guides them both over Tony's cock.

Luke has his hand on someone and it isn't Noah, and it isn't himself. It's ... huh ... it's weird is what it is. He runs his tongue along the points of Noah's incisors and loves the taste of rootbeer that flavors their kiss. He tries to find a steady pace on Tony, but water isn't lube and he's almost afraid to hurt him. Reg has no such qualms and Luke removes his hand to cling on to Noah. It's too much, too new, too everything and he's not going to make it much longer. He presses his forehead against his boyfriends, pants raggedly. "Fuck, umm, guys, not. going. to make it. much. nnngggh. longer." His balls are tight and his stomach clenches. Tony's got his hand on Reg now and he can feel Reg's ass tightening. Hell, really not going to make it. But then Noah's gasping and making that whimper that Luke thinks may be the sexiest noise in the world.

"Me too. Shit. Tony. You. God. And Luke. I never. I just never knew." Noah stares, transfixed by the look of bliss on Reg's face. Reg meets his gaze and he likes Reg, he does, but this moment creates some intimate bond between them that he isn't expecting. Reg gets it. He switches his stare to Tony and his affection is palpable. Noah's dick throbs against the pull-push of Tony and the water, and the beauty of Luke's face. Tony and Reg's faces flush and their own groans get louder. The first shudder of Tony's body keys Noah in that this is it. That whatever is happening in the hot tub is leading to this moment.

He rubs his chest against the warmth of Tony's back, fists one hand against his hip to offer as much pressure as he can, hopes he's hitting Tony's prostate at least half the time because this is in-fucking-credible. Noah shivers, lost in his desire. It is Luke's hand in his that centers him, tugs him back from the fear. He stares into Luke's brown eyes, doesn't even begin to comprehend the emotions playing across his face, but he recognizes at least one of them as love. "Fu-u-u-u-ck," he moans low and rough. His dick throbs as he comes hard. His motions become erratic, but keep their strength, starting a domino reaction of Tony, Luke and finally Reg shouting out their own orgasms from within the water.

Luke uses Noah's hand as a lifeline, cannot image that his heart will ever slow down. "You two do this at least once a month? God," he bites thoughtfully at the back of Reg's neck. "How are you not dead?"

Reg laughs. "Practice. Lots and lots of practice."

"And it helps when you know -" Tony pauses.

Noah rubs at Tony's thighs, aware of the work out they both just got. "Helps when you know what?"

Tony curls into Noah's touch, purrs. "It helps when you know that you're going home to someone specific. That it's not just nameless fucking in a backroom somewhere." He reaches behind him, holds the rubber around Noah's softening dick and begins to slide off. "You two are something else. I don't think Reg and I have ever experienced anyone quite like you."

Reg copies Tony's movements, follows by inching his way out of the hot tub, until only his lower legs dangle in the water and the rest of him is pressed against the warm concrete. "I was thinking the same thing. My god. We definitely need to take a minute before the next round."

The other three men move to climb out of the hot tub as well. Noah almost reaches for a towel to cover himself, but changes his mind at the last moment. It’s not like he can really feign modesty after what just happened.

“You guys go,” Luke offers. “We’ll stay out here. Take a breath, you know?”

“Sounds good,” Tony agrees. He runs a surprisingly tender hand up Reg’s back and Reg smiles and snuggles into his touch. They walk back into the house together, leaving Luke and Noah alone on the patio.

“Wow,” Noah says. He instantly feels lame, but can’t think of any other way to express what he’s feeling. Thankfully, Luke seems to get it. “I know,” Luke replies. He sits down on the warm stone of the patio and Noah copies him. Luke leans into Noah’s shoulder and Noah wraps an arm around him.

“I just never would have thought that we’d actually do something like this,” Noah says softly. “I mean, I have these fantasies, but they’re just that, you know? Fantasies. But tonight it’s real. Thank you for that.” It still doesn’t come out exactly the way Noah wants, but it’s the best he can do. Luke smiles and kisses him. “I’m the one that should be thanking you,” Luke murmurs into the kiss.

After a few moments of just relaxing in each other’s arms, Noah’s words finally sink in and Luke straightens slightly, turning so that he’s facing Noah. “What did you mean about having fantasies?” he asks. His tone isn’t accusatory, just curious. “You’ve fantasized about other people joining us?”

Noah’s cheeks redden just slightly. He traces a circle on the inside of Luke’s thigh. “Not really,” he answers, obviously embarrassed he’d said anything. “I just…there’s one thing that, we just. There’s just something I always…” he trails off, shaking his head.

“Come on,” Luke coaxes gently. “Don’t you know by now? If it turns you on, it turns me on.”

“I guess I always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by two guys at once,” Noah finally admits, his voice impossibly small. Luke exhales audibly and his cock throbs just at the thought.

“God, I would love to see that,” he says, without thinking. Noah looks up at him.

“You would?” he asks.

“Absolutely,” Luke answers honestly. He presses a kiss to Noah’s jaw line. “I told you how much I’ve fantasized about seeing you with other guys. And that? That would be so incredibly hot, Noah. You have no idea.” Noah’s blush fades slightly and he pulls Luke closer.

“You know,” Luke continues, “I bet Tony and Reg would totally go for it if we asked them. And when are you ever going to have another chance for something like this?”

Noah answers by pulling Luke into a fierce kiss, trying to express his gratitude and his love and everything else that he wishes he knew how to say. When they pull back, Luke’s eyes are too bright and Noah knows that he understands.

Just then, Reg and Tony reappear through the sliding glass doors that lead out onto the patio. Like Luke and Noah, neither of them has bothered to put any of their clothes back on. Reg is carrying an armload of blankets which he spreads out along the edge of the patio farthest from the hot tub.

“We can go inside, if you’d like,” he says with a shrug, when he catches Luke watching him. “I just figured that it’s such a nice night, we might as well make the most of it.”

Luke smiles and kisses Noah’s shoulder. “Outside is fine,” he replies.

“So what’s next on the agenda?” Tony asks.

Luke looks to Noah and gives him a reassuring nod, but Noah doesn’t say anything. Luke realizes that Noah had a hard enough time telling Luke what he wanted, he isn’t about to admit his fantasy to Reg and Tony.

“I was hoping we could try something…new,” Luke tells Tony, trying to be careful with his phrasing so that it sounds like his idea and doesn’t make Noah uncomfortable. “I mean, new for us, obviously.”

“Well, you know us, we’re up for anything,” Reg says.

“Believe me, nothing you say is going to shock us,” Tony adds. It’s obvious that both he and Reg are thoroughly intrigued.

“Have you guys ever tried double penetration before?” Luke asks.

Despite Tony’s assurances of being shock-proof, he looks rather surprised. “Just once or twice, I think,” he answers, looking to Reg for confirmation. Reg nods and adds, rather off-handedly, “that time in Chicago.”

Tony grins and shares a long look with Reg. “Right, Chicago,” Tony repeats slowly, as if remembering. Reg blushes and looks down and the floor, still smiling. For a moment, Luke almost feels like he and Noah are intruding on a private moment.

“So that’s what you want to try?” Tony asks Luke, seeming to remember the conversation at hand.

“The two of you with Noah,” Luke tells him, and this time Tony doesn’t even try to hide his surprise.

“What about you?” Reg asks curiously.

“I’ll just watch,” Luke reaches for Noah’s hand and squeezes. Noah squeezes back.

“Do you want me to grab a chair?” Tony asks. He seems to have gotten over his surprise rather quickly.

“Sure,” Luke says, “and also…do you have a cock ring?”

Tony has already started towards the house, but he stops at Luke’s question. He raises an eyebrow inquisitively, but says only, “sure,” and then disappears into the house.

“A cock ring?” Noah whispers, hoping only Luke can hear.

“You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to,” Luke tells him, equally soft. “But there’s something…I just, I have my own fantasy about doing something with you. And I kind of think this would be perfect to finally try it.”

“What kind of fantasy?” Noah asks. The corners of his mouth are turned up just slightly.

As Luke is about to answer, Tony returns carrying the chair. He places it over by the blankets and then turns back towards Luke and Noah, as if to say, “after you.” Luke kisses Noah soundly and says, “do you trust me?” Noah swallows thickly, but nods, giving Luke a small smile. Luke stands up and offers Noah a hand, pulling him up as well. Noah walks over and joins Tony and Reg on the blankets. He reaches out his hand for the leather cock ring that Tony holds, but Tony says, “Let me,” and moves to slip it on Noah himself.

He drops down to his knees for better access and once the cock ring is in place, he keeps his hand on Noah’s hip and runs his tongue along Noah’s cock. Just a few quick stripes of his tongue and then Tony stands back up, reaching out to Reg who hands him the lube. Tony goes to hand the lube to Noah, but Luke takes it instead. “I’ve got you,” he tells Noah, and Noah nods, sinking down onto the blankets below him.

He gets up on his hands and knees and Luke traces his tongue up Noah’s spine, causing him to shiver. “Why don’t you give Tony and Reg a hand?” Luke suggests. His body drapes over Noah’s and he takes a moment to nibble at Noah’s shoulder blades before he slides back down. Noah reaches out and hesitantly pulls at Reg’s hip with one hand, drawing the tip of Reg’s cock into his mouth. Reg moans his encouragement, so Noah takes him deeper, working his tongue in circles along the underside. Tony comes over to stand next to Reg, his own cock vying for Noah’s attention. So Noah switches back and forth between the two of them, tonguing at Tony’s balls and then Reg’s, only to turn back to Tony and swallow him down again. When the metal of Tony’s piercing hits the back of Noah’s throat, Noah instantly imagines what it will feel like up against his prostate and he can’t help groaning out loud. They haven’t even started yet and he already feels like he’s about to explode.

Behind Noah, Luke has already slid two saliva-slicked fingers inside of him, scissoring them just so and then twisting them in and out. After a few more thrusts, he pulls them out completely and uses his hands to spread Noah’s cheeks, ducking his head underneath and mouthing at Noah’s balls. He licks a stripe from Noah’s balls up to tongue around his hole and Noah immediately pushes back against him. Noah desperately wishes that he could touch Luke right now, but he settles for clutching at Tony’s hip to steady himself. When Luke’s tongue slips inside, Noah lets out an undignified sort of whine and bites down on the inside of Tony’s thigh hard enough to leave a mark.

Luke continues to roll his tongue in and out, eventually sliding his thumb in underneath and working them together. He pulls back only to add his other thumb, stretching Noah so that his tongue can go farther, deeper. Noah groans, closing his eyes as he continues to push back against Luke. Part of him forgets for a moment that it’s not just the two of them back in their bedroom, but then he opens his eyes to see Tony and Reg in front of him and the reality comes back full force. Tony and Reg both wear condoms now and they stroke each other, coating each other with lube. Noah feels his hole clench around Luke’s probing tongue at the thought of both of those cocks in him at once. Luke pulls back and runs a hand up Noah’s side in a gesture of comfort. “You okay?” he whispers so only Noah can hear. Noah picks up the bottle of lube from where it lays at Reg’s feet and hands it back to Luke without a word. Luke places a kiss at the curve of Noah’s lower back. “Okay,” Luke whispers.

Luke flips open the cap of the bottle and pours some of the liquid over his fingers, coating them before sliding two fingers back inside of Noah without pretense. He doesn’t wait long before adding a third, thrusting them in and out and then adding more lube and doing the same again – coating Noah’s insides with the sticky substance. Luke’s own cock is painfully hard as he watches his fingers disappear inside of his boyfriend, imagining what it would be like to watch them all disappear, to have his whole hand sink into Noah, for Noah to take everything he has. Luke shivers with lust and withdraws his fingers, sliding his hand up Noah’s back before standing up on shaky legs, bringing Noah up after him. Noah immediately pulls Luke into a fierce kiss and Luke clutches at Noah’s hips hard enough to leave a mark. When they break apart, Noah nods at Tony and then gives Luke a reassuring smile before letting him go. Luke returns the smile and slowly sits down, his cock almost ready to explode just from the anticipation of what he’s about to watch.

Tony moves to lie on the floor and Noah crouches over him. Noah wonders for a moment if he should kiss Tony, but he doesn’t. What they are about to do is already so intimate that a kiss feels wrong somehow, like too much all at once. Instead, he slowly makes his way down Tony’s body and slides himself onto Tony’s cock in one single motion. Tony’s piercing immediately brushes against Noah’s prostate and Noah pitches forward from the sensation, resting his forehead on Tony’s chest. Tony begins to thrust, eventually finding a rhythm with Noah. Even though Noah’s dick is throbbing with the need for release, he’s glad now that Luke thought of the cock ring because he knows he never would have lasted long enough to live out his fantasy without it.

“God, you are so hot,” Luke murmurs softly. Noah looks up and meets his boyfriend’s gaze and his eyes widen at the sight. Luke sits back in the chair that Tony brought out, his eyes dark with lust, his hand wrapped around his own cock. Reg stands near him, also stroking himself, watching the scene in front of him with anticipation. After a moment, his gaze locks with Noah’s. “You ready?” Reg asks. Noah manages to nod and Tony slows his pace down a bit and then stops altogether as Reg moves in behind them. Reg sinks down to his knees behind Noah and softly bites at Noah’s shoulder as he lines up his cock next to the one already buried inside. Slowly he begins to push forward, causing both Noah and Tony groan from the sensation.

Once Reg is all the way inside, he pauses for a moment as all three men adjust to the feeling. Noah has never felt so full in his life. Tony leans up and sucks at Noah’s collarbone, beginning to thrust again. Reg remains still at first, buried inside Noah, overcome with the feeling of his boyfriend’s dick rubbing against his as Tony continues in his movements. Then, finally, Reg starts to thrust as well, picking up a counter-rhythm to the one Tony is exercising. “Oh, fuck,” Noah moans. The push pull of Reg and Tony’s cocks hits him in all the right places and it’s all he can do to keep from collapsing down onto Tony beneath him. Tony’s piercing catches along the underside of Reg’s cock on a downward thrust and Reg groans loudly, leaning down awkwardly to steal a kiss from Tony over Noah’s shoulder. The slight change in position is almost too much for Noah and a soft whine escapes his throat, his hips slamming down automatically, desperate for friction, for release.

“Fuck, Luke,” Noah hears himself call out without thinking, but he’s instantly glad that he does. He needs Luke here with him, needs to touch him, to taste him, to assure himself that this is really, actually happening. He looks up to see that Luke has moved from the chair and now stands in front of him. Luke runs his fingers through Noah’s hair almost reverently and whispers, “God, baby, so fucking gorgeous. You have no idea.” Noah reaches out blindly, grabbing at Luke’s hip and pulling Luke towards him. Luke is already so close that all it takes is one swipe of Noah’s tongue across his balls and he loses it. He tries to warn Noah but he’s already too far gone. His orgasm is almost overwhelming, his cock unloading ribbon after ribbon of come, painting Noah’s cheeks, his mouth, spilling down onto Tony’s chest below.

Luke’s legs shake and he drops down onto his knees, cupping Noah’s face in his hands. He almost wants to apologize but the sight is so hot that all he manages to do is pull Noah into a messy, open-mouthed kiss, tasting himself on Noah’s skin. Beneath them, Tony groans, “Fuck. You guys are so fucking hot together,” before shuddering and thrusting up into Noah more forcefully than before. Reg’s thrusts become erratic and with a shout, he slumps against Noah’s back, his own orgasm overtaking him. The feeling of Reg’s cock pulsing next to his inside of Noah is enough to send Tony over the edge as well and he bites at Noah’s collarbone as he comes, groping blindly for Reg’s hand and squeezing it hard. Luke continues trading slow, sloppy kisses with Noah as Tony and Reg breathe through the aftershocks. It isn’t until several moments later that Reg, ever so slowly, withdraws from Noah.

Noah lets out a sound that’s a half-moan, half-sob, and clutches to Luke even tighter. Tony gently rolls himself and Noah slightly to the side and pulls out as well, leaving Noah feeling more empty and more desperate than he’s ever felt in his life. Tony stands with a wince and moves to join Reg where he’s taken up Luke’s spot on the chair. He crawls into Reg’s lap and kisses him soundly, whispering all sorts of endearments. Still on the blankets, Luke rubs at Noah’s arms and peppers his body with kisses. “You were so perfect, Noah,” he murmurs, his eyes blown wide with lust and awe. “So, so good.”

Noah can't think beyond his own need to come. He might have forgotten his own name if it weren't for Luke whispering it into his skin. "Luke," he manages to whine.

"Shh, shh. I got you. Look at you, Baby, you're so beautiful." Luke pets at Noah's back, holds him in his arms. "I'm going to lay you down on your back, okay? I got you. Always got you."

Luke arms are strong and warm as they ease Noah onto the blankets. The concrete is warm underneath the poly-cotton blend. The heat eases his sore muscles even as Luke's hands rub across his stomach.

"You're going to need to relax for this. And I know." His fingers slide over Noah's hips, to his inner thighs, spreads Noah's legs. "I know how badly you need the release. Look at you." Luke bites at his lip, inhales. "You're so open, so ready." He offers his index finger to Noah who immediately sucks on it. Luke nips at the inside of Noah's knee as his saliva-lubed finger circles Noah's entrance. "God. If you could only see yourself."

Noah's chest heaves. His nipples could cut glass. But it's Luke, and Noah's half stoned on orgasms and the other half on his boyfriend. He wants Luke to get it, wants Luke to understand that never, in Noah's whole life, has he wanted to give someone everything as much as he wants to give that to Luke.

That one finger slips in easily. Noah barely notices. He's stretched and hot and needs goddamnit. "Luke," he begs again. "More. Please."

"Hush. Gonna make this so good for you." Luke snakes his tongue to the crease of Noah's thigh. He tongues at the sensitive skin, washes away the musky flavor of Tony and Reg until it's only Noah. He sucks flesh behind his teeth until he knows the blood bruise will be there for at least a week. Noah writhes beneath him, hands clutching at the blanket, at Luke's hair, anywhere he can try to gain purchase while his hips pump upward.

Luke remembers the lube getting chucked somewhere in the blankets but can't remember where. "Tony? Reg? Can you get me the lube. My hands are a little full right now."

Reg licks at Tony once more, as he peels himself away. He grabs the bottle, opens it, leaves it next to Luke's leg. "I don't know if you're really gonna need that much more. We, uhh, I mean, he's pretty well slicked up."

Luke winks. "Not enough for what I want to do."

Reg's eyes open wider. "Holy shit. Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?" He tugs Tony from the chair, pulls both the chair and Tony closer. "Do you need us to do anything? Hold his hands? His legs?" Reg stares at Noah until their eyes lock. "We're all here for you," he whispers.

Noah shuts his eyes. His muscles tighten. He's caught between putting distance between Luke's insistent fingers and fucking himself deeper on them. There's no friction on his dick. He needs friction. And why had Reg looked at him like that? He curses FuckShitFuckFuckFuck when Luke adds another finger and spreads him further open. Nnnnggggh, Noah manages as his prostate is stimulated again and again. Is it possible for his dick to explode? Does he really want to find that out? "Luke, fuck," he pants, tries to form coherent sentences. "Need to come, Luke. Gonna," he swallows, "Gonna die if I don't. Please please please please." Noah's back arches off the blanket. His legs shudder and he's pretty sure his muscles are going to give out soon.

Luke fumbles the lube over Noah's balls and his own hand. The syrupy slick glistens over their skin. He rolls Noah's balls between his fingers. They're tight and tense and soft all at the same time. Part of Luke wants to screw his fantasy and pound into Noah like there's no tomorrow, like they're the only two people left on the earth, like maybe fucking will save the world. But he doesn't. Instead he tucks his pinky, crosses it with his ring finger, leans to swirl his tongue into Noah's navel and pushes all four fingers in as far as they can go. His thumb rubs at Noah's balls and god there are no words in any language in the universe to describe the sensation of being this close to someone, this involved.

Noah's head turns from side to side. He white knuckles the blanket.

"Too much?" Luke freezes his hand, doesn't want to hurt Noah.

"Not enough," Noah manages to stutter out. "God, Luke, want you to crawl inside of me." He gasps, ruts onto Luke's fingers. "Where's the goddamned headboard when I need it?"

Luke cups his fingers to press right there inside Noah.

"It's too much, too much, I can't do it. Can't hold on."

"Let me help you," Reg begs, his voice a desperate whisper. "Please." He kneels down by Noah's head, wipes the sweat from his brow with the corner of a blanket. "You're so hot, Noah. Jesus. Look at you. Look at the way Luke's watching you, wanting you." Reg leans over enough to capture Noah's wrists. "I'm not silk ties on a bed, but you can hold on to me. I won't break." He runs his hands up and back down Noah's arms before pulling Noah's wrists above his head. Reg links their fingers. "I'm here. We're all here. Shh, shhh." His words switch to babble but they sooth Noah.

Noah shifts his grip so he holds, squeezes Reg's wrists. He attempts to say thank you, doesn't know or care if it makes sense. Using Reg's knees as a pillow, Noah gazes down his body and sees Luke kneeling. Luke's left hand pets gently at Noah's inner thigh and his right hand is invisible between Noah's legs.

"Luke, let me, please, let me help." Tony sets himself up behind Luke. His dick rides the top of Luke's ass and into his lower back. He wraps his arms forward, holds Noah open with gentle pressure on the inside of his knees. "Look at the two of you," Tony whispers into Luke's neck. "So fucking hot and so into each other. God. You're incredible." He stares at Reg across the two naked men in between them and for a moment it's only them.

Luke leans into the sticky warmth of Tony behind him, around him. "Lube?" Trusting Tony to open the bottle, to coat his hand, his wrist, it's a strange feeling. Solid, amazing really, but strange. "Thanks." In Luke's mind prep took forever, slow motion frames play one by one. Noah keening while Reg holds him. Tony thrusts against Luke's back, the metal of the piercing glances off his vertebrae, trails down his back. Luke's hand, sliding out, digit by digit, until nothing. He licks at the tip of Noah's perfect cock, washes a heavy stripe across his balls. He swirls his tongue over Noah's sac, takes a deep breath. "Love you, Baby. Love you so much."

Noah moans. He doesn't know up from down, left from right. There are hands everywhere. His stomach hurts. His legs are killing and Luke keeps going. Every cliff, every precipice, the one Noah's sure he won't make it over, Luke jumps for both of them and somehow they make it. Maybe the most insane part is how much he trusts Luke to hold them both. In this moment, where all he is is nerves hardwired to his dick, he still knows that he's safe. He lets out a sigh, relinquishes his control and relaxes from toe to head.

He's not sure what, but there is a shift inside Noah. However they got there, now is the moment. Luke swallows. "Gonna be real slow, real gentle." But real gentle at this point begins with two fingers and Noah thrusts back on three like it's nothing at all. Luke opens his mouth, relaxes his jaw, collects saliva in his mouth. He curls his pinky and thumb tight into his palm, screws his mouth as far down over Noah as he can. Luke swallows, sucks, tongues, worships Noah the way he deserves as his whole hand slides into him. The hand that soothed Noah's stomach and thighs shifts to wrap around the cock ring, to fumble for the snaps. Luke surges that little bit forward, rubs the curve of his knuckles against Noah's prostate while he releases the leather band.

Luke coughs, has to pull back at the strength of his boyfriend's thrust and the volume of come that spills forth. It's in Luke's throat, his mouth, coating his tongue, his cheek, his hair. Both of them gasp and rock together. Noah cries Luke's name, God's name, every curse he can think of. They all sound like heaven and hell wrapped together in the most intensely rough, fucked out voice Luke swears he has ever heard Noah use.

Noah's hands slip free of Reg's. He reaches for Luke even as his orgasm rushes through him like a speeding train that will never ever, ever, ever stop, and blow by any stations or people or anything in its way. "Luke. Need you. Luke. Jesus. Fuck. Lukelukeluke." He's hot and cold and goddamn blind with how much he is aware of everything. Noah wonders if it's possible that he's exploded behind his skin somehow. It's the heavy weight of Luke on top of him, still inside him that he tries to capture, tries to use as a focal point so he doesn't slip into outer space right there on the patio of Tony's parents’ with just a blanket and concrete underneath him. "Luke," he whispers again, and it hurts this time. Like a piece of his soul got dislodged somewhere and someone needs to put it back.

"Noah. Noah, I'm here. I'm here, Baby." Luke's kneeling up, but his fist is still in Noah. Feeling Noah's orgasms around his cock was always intense, but this? This was something else. Beyond anything he could have imagined. But God, all he wants to do is pull out and cover Noah and hold him until they both sink into the ground together, forever, just them and the sun and sky and the heat of the stone under their bodies. He presses kisses into the sides of Noah's knees, down his inner thigh, murmurs praise and love and hopes and dreams into his boyfriend's skin.

Noah's hands fist in Luke's hair, slip to touch his shoulders, his face, anywhere they can reach.

Luke tips his head to stare down Noah's body and into his eyes. They both hold their breath when Luke shifts his wrist, both gasp as fingers brush across Noah's prostate and begin the slow slide out. Noah shuts his eyes, begins to sob as another orgasm floods his over-stimulated system. He's dizzy. There are stars shooting behind his eyelids. Luke's voice calls his name, but it's too far away and Noah can't get enough quite enough air. He feels pale and dizzy as he eases his way to the ground.


"Oh shit, Reg!"

"Fuck. Tony, water now. I'll grab the ice."

"I'm fine. Just dizzy." Noah tries to explain, but no one listens.

"Noah? Oh God, Noah." Luke's covered in lube and come and god knows what else, but he feels for a pulse at Noah's throat, leans his head against Noah's chest. Heart and pulse both pound inside him, but Luke watches Noah's breath stutter up and down. "Baby, I'm sorry... I never meant to... Shit." He dashes at tears burning down his cheek. "Can you hear me, Noah? What do you need? We need to go home. I'll take care of you."

Reg places his hand on Luke's shoulder, sticks a cool washcloth in front of his face. "Here. This should help. Tony's getting more, so we can, umm, clean up. I can help?" He sits next to Luke, scratches his back. "He's fine, Luke. Aren't you, Noah? Look, his breathing's even. And his color is back up. It doesn't happen often, but it's not like it doesn't happen at all."

"Don't take this the wrong way, Reg, but I really just need you to shut up and back off. I'll take the washcloths, and I'd love a glass of water. Please. I don't want anyone else here right now."

"No problem, Man. Come on Reg. Give him space. Remember how freaked out you were when I actually passed out? Neither of us left your dorm room for days." Tony offers Luke a bowl of warm water, some cloths and a towel. "We're gonna shower. Just, uhh, come find us. Okay?"

Luke doesn't look, can't meet their eyes, but he nods. "Yeah. I can do that. Thanks, Tony. Thanks, Reg." He kisses Noah's forehead while the other two walk away. "Baby, it's just you and me now. It's just us." He dampens one of the washcloths, smoothes it over Noah's belly, wipes away sweat and sex. "You were so incredible. So fucking incredible. "

Noah covers Luke's hand with his. It takes more effort than he cares to admit. "I can't believe we just did that."

Luke worries at his lip, doesn't meet Noah's gaze. "Was it wrong? Did I push you into this? Too much? Too far?" He muffles a sob into Noah's chest. "You scared me! You were so hot, and you just, I don't even know what you did, but all of a sudden your body just..." His hands flail. He can't find the words. "I don't even know, but you let me. And I've always wanted to. But we were here on a fucking patio, with Reg and Tony for fuck's sake, and then you got all dizzy, and I thought you'd passed out."

"You're babbling, Luke." Noah attempts to sit up.

"Don't move. You could hurt yourself."

"The only thing that's going to hurt is my ass. Luke. Luke, look at me. I'm fine. I think," he swallows, knows he's tiptoeing on thin ice. "I think that maybe we got in over our heads, y'know?" He cards his fingers through Luke's hair, tangles their fingers. "We never would have done any of this if today hadn't happened. You know that. I can't even imagine ever telling someone about -" he blushes.

"About the two guys?"

"Yeah. That. And then, you, inside me. I didn't know people could get that close. I didn't know I was capable of that. You did that for me, Luke. You did." He's still sort of dizzy but there are more important things. "Lay down, would you? Let me clean you up." He laps at Luke's cheek, his eyelids, everywhere still sticky with Noah's come. "Was I really that hot?"

Luke's groan vibrates through his whole body. His cock twitches. "You have no idea." He clutches at Noah's back.

"Tell me about it." It's not a request.

"You know how you didn't want to admit -"

Noah leans in, presses his lips almost chastely against Luke's. "Not here. Can we? Can we just go home? I mean, thank Tony and Reg and all. Wish them luck with the whole monogamy thing, but go home."

"I love you." Luke stands up, offers a hand.

Noah's smile threatens to split his face. "That's a yes?" He wraps his arms around Luke, feels vulnerable, shy. "Thank you for today."

Luke smiles, kisses him softly. “Thank you,” he whispers back.

* * *

“You’re home early,” Noah notes casually, glancing up at Luke from the book he’s reading, sprawled out on their bed.

Luke stands at the foot of the bed, positively glaring down at Noah. Luke’s hair is slightly ruffled and he looks adorable and out of breath and Noah wonders if he might have actually run home from work.

Luke kicks off his shoes and jeans all in one motion, practically jumping into bed on top of Noah, knocking Noah’s book to the floor in the process. “You have got to stop sending me dirty text messages while I am work,” he moans, in between kissing Noah breathless. “I had practically a permanent hard on all day thinking about what I was going to do to you when I got home.”

He makes quick work of Noah’s clothes, and manages to lose a few of Noah’s buttons in his eagerness. I’ll just buy him a new shirt, he silently promises.

“You know,” Noah murmurs against Luke’s neck, his fingers tracing Luke’s hips, “if this is my punishment, you’re really not motivating me to stop.”

I can just feel you now, sliding in to the wrist,” Luke quotes, biting at Noah’s collarbone. “Jesus, Noah. All day, all I kept thinking about was that first time. Remember? With Reg and Tony.”

Noah’s chuckle turns into a groan as two of Luke’s fingers slip inside of him.

“And now they’re…oh, God. Now they’re getting married,” Noah tries to say, distracted by the feel of Luke’s fingers.

Luke groans, licks a stripe up Noah’s neck, presses a kiss to his jaw line. A third finger curls in to join the other two. “Can we not talk about them right now?” he asks.

You brought them up. Noah wants to argue. But suddenly Luke curls his pinky up under his other three fingers and his knuckles rub up against Noah Right. There.

…and Noah forgets that anyone else in the world even exists.


And there it is. Comments are love.


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Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:55 pm (UTC)
See, I'm one of the people that I actually like Reg and Tony, and so oh my god. I can't like, there are not enough words in the world to describe how hot this is. Hot isn't even the right word, it's not strong enough.

I just wish that I could put what the heck I'm trying to say into words, so that you can know how AMAZING this entire thing is. God. It's just like...I'm speechless.
Jul. 22nd, 2008 02:22 pm (UTC)
Damn...that was hot!
Jul. 22nd, 2008 02:41 pm (UTC)
I don't even think I have words to desribe how much I loved this fic.

*mems, goes hide in her room so she can die from the hotness*
Jul. 22nd, 2008 03:40 pm (UTC)

Um. I seriously hope you do not expect a coherent comment from me right now. Because you won't get one. Especially since I read this at work. Which, hello, was a stupid idea. Just stupid. I bit my lip so hard to keep from squealing, it's blood red.

Holy shit.




I hope that broke your computer. Because you deserve it for trying to kill me.

You and Laura are officially the reasons why I am living. No, really.

Warning: Kink: threesome, foursome, rimming, double penetration, masturbation, voyeurism, fisting, facials, delayed orgasms, genital piercings, outdoor sex. Um…yeah. VERY graphic sex.


My top 4 kinks ever? Rimming, masturbation, delayed orgasms, and voyeurism. And you put all of that in here. PLUS MORE.

I have read a lot of smutty fics, I mean A LOT. But this is definitely in my top 5 of THE BEST SMUT EVER.

"Noah, for you I've got whatever you want." There is no mistaking what Tony means. He leans into Noah's neck, sniffs at him. "God, Luke, why do you even bother to get out of bed when you have someone like this to warm it?"

UM YES. If Noah was my partner, we would never leave the bed. EVER.

Tony has a piercing. HOT.

Um...like I said, I have no coherent comment for all the sex except for:

Double penetration. Noah. *DEAD*

His orgasm is almost overwhelming, his cock unloading ribbon after ribbon of come, painting Noah’s cheeks, his mouth, spilling down onto Tony’s chest below.

MORE DEAD. I want that as an icon. I know I can never have it. BUT I WANT IT. I want it as an animated icon. So I can see Luke come all over Noah over and over and over and over. *brain short circuits*

And just when I thought it was over, I forgot all about the fisting warning.

And Jesus FUCK.

Luke swallows, sucks, tongues, worships Noah the way he deserves as his whole hand slides into him.


Luke coughs, has to pull back at the strength of his boyfriend's thrust and the volume of come that spills forth. It's in Luke's throat, his mouth, coating his tongue, his cheek, his hair. Both of them gasp and rock together. Noah cries Luke's name, God's name, every curse he can think of. They all sound like heaven and hell wrapped together in the most intensely rough, fucked out voice Luke swears he has ever heard Noah use.


Oh and cock rings. My other big kink. dfadlfajdlfhadfhadfkjad!

I like how Noah gets dizzy and passes out, too. Just...can you die from an orgasm? Because after reading this, I totally think you could.

Oh and this:

"Shh, shh. I got you. Look at you, Baby, you're so beautiful." Luke pets at Noah's back, holds him in his arms. "I'm going to lay you down on your back, okay? I got you. Always got you."

I love how completely and utterly intimate this is for Luke and Noah even though Tony and Reg are there, but it's like they're not. Because Luke and Noah are so full of love for each other. And dhfauefhauidfhauefahdfuahdfuahdfjadshfaudsahfdsfdafaudfhadjkffladfad!

I have no more words. Just none. Thanks for liquefying my brain. Again.

Edited at 2008-07-22 03:41 pm (UTC)
Jul. 22nd, 2008 03:56 pm (UTC)
(no subject) - missyousofaar - Jul. 22nd, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - ithilien22 - Jul. 23rd, 2008 06:09 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 22nd, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
woooo, hot as hell, baby!!!!!
Jul. 23rd, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
aww, Yffy! I wasn't sure if you would read it because it's totally not a fandom that you follow. But I'm THRILLED that you did. How are you feeling? Better, I hope.
(no subject) - yffy - Jul. 23rd, 2008 12:23 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 22nd, 2008 05:11 pm (UTC)

That was the hottest thing I have readin a LONG time!!!
Jul. 22nd, 2008 05:52 pm (UTC)
ithilien and monday...you have totally outdone yourselves with this one...HOTTEST.FIC.EVAR!!!!! I MEAN EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!

ILU both!!!
Jul. 23rd, 2008 02:57 am (UTC)
so, umm, hey, if there's no rentboy tomorrow do i get a pass because of this?

We did outdo ourselves, i think, and I had so much fun with it. Ithilien is the most awesome person to write with.
Jul. 22nd, 2008 06:09 pm (UTC)
It's pretty funny how much of a prude I am in real life but there is no stopping my addiction to smut. This was incredibly hot and has left me utterly speechless. I'm still a little iffy on Reg and Tony because I'm selfish for Luke and Noah, don't like them sharing. But this was just too much for words. I loved all of the dirty little things and I loved that there was love here. I love the lengths that these two are willing to go for each other and find themselves relishing in the ability of being able to please eachother <-- (That was sort of long, don't know if it made sense). My brain waves have stopped and I'm sort of dead...Thank you :)
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 23rd, 2008 02:55 am (UTC)
shitting a brick sounds painful, but we'll take the praise "hottest thing [you]'ve ever read". I can speak for myself when i say, that was part of the intention, hot smutty overload.
Jul. 22nd, 2008 08:56 pm (UTC)
hisdhfask asdkfjierawjltwh hadhfoaihigahaiwh ahsdohfoiaheh

*iz ded*

Whoever suggested to me that QaF smut was the smuttiest smut of all smuts...was definitely wrong. THIS ranks right up there.... I need a LOOOOOOONG cold shower after that!
Jul. 23rd, 2008 02:50 am (UTC)
I kinda usually think Supernatural smut is the smuttiest, but, you know, we aim to please, and, umm, expand horizons.

i confess, however, to never having read QaF smut.
Jul. 22nd, 2008 09:27 pm (UTC)
And you are asking why people are fond of you??? Funny,is not it? Don't be a ??? what? sorry, not native, still get the point. Haha, make me believ, if it is possibe? No way, I say now, but I have VERY LITTLE knowledge of it.
Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:11 pm (UTC)
So I get to use my pretty pretty icon and for that I love you. :D

You girls went there. And I love you for it.
Jul. 23rd, 2008 02:32 am (UTC)
pretty pretty icons FTW. i'm trying to use all of mine!
(no subject) - qafaddiction - Sep. 11th, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:45 pm (UTC)
*adds an extra 500*
(no subject) - nouveau_monday - Jul. 23rd, 2008 02:30 am (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - ithilien22 - Jul. 22nd, 2008 11:52 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - nouveau_monday - Jul. 23rd, 2008 12:29 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 23rd, 2008 02:57 am (UTC)
I thought it was just great but I think that the reaction I have seen is even better. For some reason when I read it this morning I thought that the reaction would have been different but I guess people read your warning and only the people that could handle it read it. Thanks!
Jul. 23rd, 2008 03:34 am (UTC)
i won't lie. I was equal parts terrified and totally turned on by the thought of what sort of reaction we would get. But yes, I think people did read the warnings and took them seriously. I also think we knocked out some people immediately with our summary only mentioning Tony and Reg.

I'm glad you thought it was great. I like being great. :)
Jul. 23rd, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)

Yeah. Brain damage. Possible cold shower needed.

I'm pretty sure that this fic effectively negates my bad day.
Jul. 23rd, 2008 03:35 am (UTC)

awesome! glad that this could negate a bad day. hope all things are looking up. and may i suggest ice cubes over a cold shower, much more fun.
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